Sunday, April 3, 2011

Love vs Logic.

One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving. - Paulo Coelho

You're in a relationship. A wonderful one. You've been together for years, went through all sorts of ups and downs. Fought like a married couple. Flirted like high school kids. Laughed and cried like best friends. Dreamy like newlyweds. Everything. Then one day, someone came to you and asked,
"Why him/her?"
Honestly, how would you answer that? I mean, of all the gazillion people on Earth, why that ONE person? Okay, perhaps you hadn't had the chance to meet a gazillion people in your whole lifetime, but really, you've met like, thousands, millions of people, whether you noticed it or not, yet you still want this one person.

Few days back I met my childhood friend. He was known for his charm, and the fact that he didn't talk much to girls back in school. We've known each other since we were eight. The same primary school, then to the same boarding school, same class. I remember my first day at the boarding school (I was enrolled like, the last intake?-.-"), he came and talked to me since we were classmates (again) and the whole class were staring at us because well, this mysterious guy was talking to the new girl! And he made the first move OMG?

And that is to show how reserved he was when it came to girls. Kadang3 rasa macam bajet hot pun ada, yelah, orang handsome, kalau layan perempuan, jatuh lah saham. Ish buruk sangka, Nauzubillah. Anyway we've been friends since kanak3 Ribena so that made me an exception. So as predicted, this guy never had a girlfriend, not until he was 16. His first girlfriend ever. And turned out that his girlfriend was close enough to a bitch.

She cheated on him few times, the boyfriend discovered, granted her second (third, fourth) chances, yet she still did it. Finally he broke up with her. Aku dah banyak kali bagi peluang, and everytime aku confront dia, end up aku yang bersalah. Wtf? Empat tahun lebih kot. Ingat aku apa? As he went along rambling about the girl, I finally asked him.

Kenapa dia? Dan bukan sekali dia buat macam tu. Takkan terima je? Kau pulak bukan takde rupa, education segala, senang gila boleh cari lain. Tapi kenapa dia?

Silent. Yes, I have to admit, this girl isn't that drop-dead gorgeous to be kept as trophy wife or something. And with his look, memang nak cari spare tak susah. Tapi nak jugak dekat perempuan ni. I don't judge people by their look, tapi kalau perempuan tu baik, faithful, loyal, memang worth keeping lah. Ini tak, kalau dah menipu banyak3 kali, and boyfriend you tau all along yang you menipu sepanjang you buat penipuan tu, tunggu apa lagi? Tak dayus ke macam tu?

Knowing him, I know he was trying to save the relationship. People know him as someone with an extremely high ego, but he let it down because of her. Mungkin jugak the idea of being in a relationship is fairytale, since he never had a girlfriend before. Well, maybe. Itu teori sendiri. But then he said this. Aku kalau boleh nak cari girlfriend biarlah sampai jadi wife. Kalau macam tu, nak bawak jumpa mak aku pun tak sampai hati. Ah, tercair sebentar.

Tapi kalau tanya lagi, why her? Memang takboleh jawab. Which then makes me ponder.

Kalau lelaki ini yang sikit punya faithful penyayang segala bagai sabar dengan girlfriend 4 tahun buat hal still takboleh jawab kenapa dia pilih perempuan itu, then what will you answer if suddenly people came and ask,

Do we really need a reason to love someone? If we do, then what's with those who stay in a violent relationship? Cheating spouses? What's with those who choose to keep loving someone though they are no longer in touch for almost a decade?

Reasons mean logic. And is there really a logic behind falling in love with someone?


Liana said...


Just felt like telling you; I really like the way you write and whatnot. Not exactly referring to this post though (I didn't want to comment on posts where there are other comments, hence the comment being here. =)) --> like your bersih 2.0 post

What course are you taking btw?

p/s: You write well in English plus your flow's pretty awesome! ^^ *wonders if you're a 'reader' as that'd explain your kick-ass English* ;)

Bella said...

Salam Liana,

You have no idea how you made my day! Thank youuuuu :)

This September, inshaAllah I'm officially a 1st year medical student at University of Leicester, UK.

But sorry, I dont quite get the 'reader' part, care to explain more?

Oh I hope you checked the follow up notification box so that you'll read this!

And again, thank yoouuuuuu! :)