Friday, April 22, 2011

IB: Securing a place.

I heard that MARA has already released the shortlisted candidates for interviews which will be in someday next week. Do I get it right? Well, kalau salah pun, bukan I yang nak kena interview. Gelabah.
So here’s the thing. Getting shortlisted for interviews isn’t something to be so “alah, baru nak interview, belum tentu dapat”. It’s actually the very first step okay. Boleh bayang tak berapa ramai kat luar sana yang apply, academic gempak segala bagai, co-curriculum busy kalah menteri, tapi tak dapat interview? Sobs. Bersyukur lah kamu yang mendapat tawaran interview. Alhamdulillahhh.

Wear something nice. Yes, like, just nice. You don’t want to look so plain it bores the interviewers to sleep, like a baju kurung tudung selempang macam tu je, or kemeja dengan slack, done. At least pakai lah tie barang sekeping. Give the interviewers an impression that you’re highly motivated and eager to be interviewed. Like, whatever happens, happens. I’m going to do the interview session and I’m going to secure a place! Ceh ayat nak poyo je wahahah. Confident. And wearing suits like a blazer and stuff like that especially for girls seem poyo, but honestly to me, it shows professionalism. Tapi jangan lah sampai beli suit dua tiga ratus untuk interview 20 minit. Itu tindakan kurang bijak namanya. Baju kurung is a safe option, though. Wear light, but don’t afraid to go bold. I think something like a dark red shirt with a black suit shows how ‘bold’ you are. LOL okay ni dah masuk personal experience ni. Huh. Kesimpulannya, biar sedap mata memandang walaupun yang meng-interview bukanlah bakal mentua.

First impression.
Confident. Seriously. Is. The. Key. Believe it or not, the moment you open the interview room door, you will be assessed. Like how you walk, how you make eye contact, how you greet, how you shake hands, how you sit even! Take a deep breath before you go to the interview room. Jangan ketuk pintu macam tak makan nasik seminggu, cuak3, lepas tu jenguk ke dalam macam nak tengok dulu interviewer cun/handsome tak kalau tak aku nak cari panel lain. Apakah? Trick is, stand straight. Bow a bit once you see the interviewer inside the room. Give a nod, and SMILE. Muka jangan ketat ye adik3. And also, while shaking hands, make it firm. Salam kemas3, because from the way you salam, the interviewer can already know how you are. A loose handshake most probably means that you’re nervous. Very nervous that you’re having jelly hands and feet.  And don’t sit before the interviewers ask you to. Don’t cross your legs as well. And no leaning to the chair like nak landing kapal terbang boleh tak? Sit firm, be careful with your posture, make sure you sit, again, STRAIGHT. If you’re having a file with you, ask the interviewers if they would like to see your certs etc. Then hand them your documents. Be professional while at the same time keep smiling and NOT GRINNING. There you go. First part. Done.

Different interviewers, different interview experience.
Some interviewers prefer to play it calm and cool, while some others will try to get the best out of you. Ada jugak yang a bit psycho like my dad. He made people sing during interview boleh tak? But I guess MARA won’t do that (harap3 lah). You’re lucky if you’re interviewers are the type who keen to know and keep asking questions. If not, kalau dapat yang tanya lebih kurang sepatah dua, jangan pulak jawab sepatah dua lepas tu senyap tunggu dorang tanya lagi. Initiate. Elaborate. And kalau kena dengan interviewer yang bercakap tak habis3, and won’t let you talk, interrupt. IN A NICE POLITE WAY OF COURSE. Probably they want to see how you voice yourself. JANGAN SENYAP TUNGGU INTERVIEWER HABIS CAKAP LEPAS TU MASA PUN HABIS MACAM TU JE. Remember, the interview is all about you, not about the interviewers.

Frequently Asked Questions.
The best part. I was lucky to have panels yang sangat awesome. Two of them. They were very nice, so tak banyak hal lah. They didn’t ask about MARA organization neither much of medical stuff. Some of my friends were actually asked about MARA punya hierarchy which is like, FAIL kalau tanya I tssk. And be prepared. Have specific target. Like if you want to do Medicine in UK, tell the interviewer why UK. Why Medicine. LIKE FREAKING SERIOUSLY, HAVE THE ANSWERS TO ALL THAT. I was, unfortunately, not so prepared that time, I was more excited about going abroad than to do Medicine T_T So this was what happened.
Interviewer: If you’re given the choice, where do you want to go to study Medicine? Why?
Bella: I’m really looking forward to go to UK. They have among the best medical schools in the world, and I believe the experience gained from studying there will be very useful once I come back to serve my country.
Interviewer: So which medical schools you’re referring to, exactly?
Bella: Err. Sorry, I haven’t done any research on that yet, but currently I’m keeping my options open so that I can find the best medical school that fits me if I were given the opportunity to study there.
Kalau kau cakap awal3 kau nak pergi Queen’s University Belfast (ahem) sebab it’s in the Russell Group kan senang. Interviewer pun belum tentu tau Russell Group tu apa. Impressed, dude! Tak pun University of Leicester sebab it’s awarded University of The Year 2009 (bagi candidate basi lah HAHAH), kan seronok dengar. They might not know what exactly you’re talking about because mainly they’re from admin, not medical background, but at least you show that you have done your part by doing the research. Be focused and impress them!

Nak type pasal interview essay, plus ayat tipikal untuk cover bila interviewer tanya soalan yang taktau jawab, tapi dah penat membebel. Nanti3 lah sambung lagi.

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