Saturday, April 16, 2011

A warm Easter holiday wish (from a company separated by eight hours time difference).

April 16th, 2011

Mr. Adam

XXX Ulsterville Avenue
BT9 7AR 
United Kingdom
Dear Adam,

It sure has been an amazing and wonderful time for us in this relationship, and I owe a significant part of that great time to you.

During this past year and a half, I have had the pleasure of seeing numerous humankind in the industry but none as fascinating as you. The sincere commitment generated by you has led to mutual respect among several couples in the industry.

On behalf of my heart, I want to thank you for the most generous thoughts you have provided in the past year and a half. Kindly be assured that your unfathomable "care but not knowing" attitude is already noted (although a bit not too favored).

This spring sure presents a real challenge for us (as what autumn and winter did), but I believe that we'll grow (old) together to continue the amazing relationship with perseverance and hard work. 

I wish you a most refreshing and full of awesome surprising things as well as much loved holiday (minus the coming performance assessment), and I look forward to expanding our mutually beneficial relationship in the next spring, summer, autumn, winter and the cycle goes on (forever).

May you fill this holiday with beautiful things (and Medical knowledge) apart from the meticulous planning for your summer (kindly read with the most frustrated tone and expression).

(forever) Yours truly,

-- (company logo)

Note: Should you require further attention and details, please do not hesitate to call the 24-hour care line at +6019 364 XXXX or +6017 627 XXXX or the virtual careline on Skype.


Ps. Kindly complete your registration in ooVoo account as the company has decided that it will bring mutual benefit as well as take the partnership to a whole new level. Your kind consideration in this matter is highly appreciated.

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