Tuesday, October 16, 2012

When I was twelve I was happy with my PILOT Shaker mechanical pencil.

My youngest brother Adam just got his Xperia-I-dont-know-what-Android-isnt-my-thing bought using his saving. He then has been bugging Ummi to download him WhatsApp and include him in the family group.

And finally..

1. Why on Earth does a 12-year old boy need a smartphone?
2. Who is he going to WhatsApp with? His international friends back in Yangon?
3. He used AdamJunior for his name, as if he knows there's another Adam in the family.
4. Ayah: Awak pakai wifi jiran free ke


I always wondered how he's going to get the connection. I mean my parents wouldn't be too generous to buy a data plan for a 12-year old kid, right?

Mystery solved.

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