Friday, October 12, 2012

Of wedding ring and protected entry.

My wedding ring has betrayed me.

Man it hurts. Serves me right for wanting to have such complicated ring. But nooooo I love it to the max I wouldn't mind bleeding from it.


Okay whatevs. Btw I've started this "password protected entry" thing. I think it's toooo coooooool to have that, well mainly because I feel some of the things I've written are a bit too personal. Izleen was kinda furious about it. (Serius comel gila dia mengamuk kat Skype sebab takde password to read that entry lololol)

So I gave her the password, and I thought if any of you feel like knowing me (and I will automatically assume you're kind enough to give me duit raya (??) feel free to email me at and say hi. And I'll Hi you back yay! (?)

But please please give a brief introduction of yourself so that I know who's reading me. Not like an IB Extended Essay wtf but some small introduction wouldn't hurt, right?

Because the last thing I need is a sociopath stalking my blog.

Yea right. So much for the protected thing.


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