Thursday, October 4, 2012

And suddenly I care about Raya.

Finally done updating the school timetables. Yes I'm a nerd like that. Spent two nights doing this with HIMYM and 9GAG to kill the boredom (obviously because this thing can only take up to two hours  maximum)

Mana pergi azam Excellent Sem 3 pun tak tau.


While updating this, I came to a date that I have key-ed in looooong ago.

26th October 2012.
Raya Haji.

I know it's like a millenium years away from now, but I have to plan where do I want to spend my Raya. People around me thought that I should to go Raya with him in Belfast. It is, after all, our first Raya Haji.

"Please la Raya kat Belfast. You have a family here, remember?"

Plus when his Ummi and Tsara FaceTime me earlier today, I was like, NAK BALIKKKKK :(

But then when I told him about this whole Raya thing..

"Tak payah la datang. I'll be going there the week after jugak. Membazir je. 
Kita kan kena jimat duit...
... Walhal jimat duit untuk apa Adam pun taktau."

Sampai hati awak.


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