Sunday, October 14, 2012

Coolest in laws.

I have this one small habit. Well not really small, but harmless, I would say. 

Whenever I hear We Are Young by Fun playing on the radio, in the car, on the laptop, well basically anywhere, I would turn the volume up and scream my lungs out like there's no tomorrow.


At least it's physically safe. Audio-wise, have to check.

And that obviously includes off pitch, broken notes, sore throat, funny voice and everything. Selagi tak dapat semua tu, selagi tu lah kena jerit sekuat hati, tak cukup young for tonight.

But the best thing is, Adam, too, had a thing for the song. We sang like nobody's business to the song in the car, pretending that we were some wannabe rock star singing for some audition which was surely gonna fail.
Nothing to lose.

Which is exactly what you don't need on the first day of Raya,
having a family chill out karaoke-ing with your in laws.

"Innocently" clad in red kebaya dress, selipar Jepun the size of a big foot, we went to Jusco.

GOD I WAS WITH MY IN LAWS, I was sure out of my mind.

From left, Danial, Dain, Adam

Kak Rina and Tsara

Coolest sponsor of the night, Kak Ri and her hubby Abang Hezwan

Looking at this picture, I was pretty sure they were screaming to We Are Young, but..

NO. It's Baby by Bieber.

Three shades of red

Going home, everyone was busy with their phones. Ya lah where got voice left meh.

Attempting Tsara's signature pose and I failed miserably.


Thanks awak. Sila jangan seriks bawaks kita karoks lagi kess.

Now I wonder how could they ask me to sing for nasheed at Minggu Penghayatan Islam KMB.


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