Monday, October 22, 2012

Happiness is a funny thing.

I posted the short version of this song sometime last year, but now that I found the extended version (SLOWPOKE yes I know), I feel the need to post it again.

No I don't have any relationship issues, not at the moment at least lol. But this song never failed to give me an overwhelming pang of sadness everytime I put it on loop.

Many say I'm blessed to be married to an awesome guy (okay I made up that awesome part) at a pretty young age. But truth is, I, too, was struggling with my love life.

How the struggle went, well, that's not the important bit. But everyone deserves to be happy. And the definition of happiness differs from one to another. If you're happy to be an option for someone else, then by all means, be it. Even if you know down the road the ending might not be as pretty.

To be fair, I was once, the person described in this song. Once, or a couple of times? I lost count.

Well my definition of happiness changes from time to time, depending on my mood swings (lol). No, really, I sometimes still let others define my happiness, which isn't really a happy thing.

But that doesn't matter, really.

Their happiness makes me happy. Isn't that enough already?