Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cover craze.

I have been thinking of getting an iPad since last year, for educational purposes (yeah right). But then it struck me that I would feel so stupid for having all the Apple stuff. Like some bimbo or something. Well I also have to admit that I was broke after a series of iPhone, polaroid printer (which I'm still veeeery excited about even after a year of having it!), a gazillion random trips involving flight tickets and stuff.. Sooo.. An iPad is far from reach. 

But last week I managed to strike a deal with Ummi when she agreed to sponsor half of the iPad. That is A LOT you see. Well I know some people could easily get things for free from their parents, say birthday presents, exam gifts etc. But my family doesn't. You have to earn it. So there I was begging for Ummi to buy me an iPad, because Ayah is sooooo against Apple the capitalist (??) And yeay, thank you Ummi!

Then there was another issue. To make sure Ummi would actually pay for the iPad (because Ayah still owes me my duit raya when he said he was going to bank in hurrghhh), I knew I had to buy it from Malaysia. And it's waaaaayyyy cheaper back home! Like RM400+ cheaper or something. So the drama began.

Nadd was coming back to UK the next morning, and I had only 5pm-10pm to get the iPad from Apple store to Nadd so that she could bring it over here. So another begging session began with my brother Aban. After soooo many dramas and all, finally.. Nadd WhatsApp me telling that she had it!

Ooohh thank you Aban. *NANGES*

But... But.. But..... It didn't stop there.

Since I had the iPad for such a short notice, I haven't got any screen protector or iPad cover with me. And a cheapskate I am, everything has to be bought on eBay because well.. They're cheap. Period. The delivery was slow because it was weekend, so my last chance was to borrow someone else's. And this time Faizul was the victim. I had to ask if he had extra iPad case because I desperately needed one for lecture.

Hantaran lah sangat.. Tapi takpe aku maafkan kau sebab kau kasik aku cover tu!

But then you know, Faizul being Faizul, a guy being guy, here's what I got.

Veeeeeery.. Errr masculine I would say.

Nevermind I'll live with it.

But the thing i couldn't live with is the fact that the iPad cover I bought wasn't here yet! It's killing me so badly that I had to let the shopaholic out of me. Soooo here goes..

A new transparent ultra thin cover for my iPhone. Too much sexiness!

A new silver aluminium-like cover for the iPod. Too much elegance!

A new smokey MacBook case. Too much errr matching-ness (??)

Yes I have a huge thing for colour match I can't afford to have a red iPod and a yellow iPhone, doesn't work for me.

All those stuff bought because I couldn't wait for the iPad cover! Hurgghhhh.

But today..

They're here! The new iPad cover!

Too pretty I can't resist! - Jemz


Yes there's another but.

I don't quite like how the back of iPad is sticking to the cover like nobody's business. It doesn't seem too convincing for me. Alright this rarely happens to me, but when the "practical" side of me kicks in, nahhh I'd go for purpose.

Which means...

I'll have to return it and get another iPad cover and wait for how many more days I also don't know.

Poor little iPad.


Btw it's two months into this whole kawen thing.

In the lecture hall, after the last lecture for today..

Me: Harini anniversary yeay!
Abil: Anniversary apa Bella oiiii.
Me: Dua bulan kawen hehehehheee. (muka tak malu)
Abil: Oh dah dua bulan kawen. So apa yang Bella dah buat untuk suami? Pahala sebagai isteri agak agak camne? (and then laughed)
Me: Errrrrr. (dah malu dah)

Fine la. 

Awak, selamat ulang bulan (??) kedua. We have another forever to spend with so try to bear with my emo and bimbo-ness!

Kalau dapat iPad cover for hadiah kawen dua bulan macam best gak kan awak kan?

And oh, I love you!

Ps. I still feel stupid for having so many Apples but an iPad during lecture is just tooooo helpful! 
Lovin it!

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