Thursday, March 15, 2012

Whatsup Ayah.

Phone conversation with Ayah.

Me: Ayah...... Kalau naaaakkk.....
Ayah: Kawen?
Me: Naakkk.
Ayah: Oh do his parents know? Sort it out. If they're okay with it me and your mum bla bla bla.. *all the marriage talks
Me: Okayy. But I was meaning to ask. Kalau naakkkk... Quit medic?
Ayah: Whyyy? You haven't finished yet why quit? You see, you only have 4 years to go my friend, if you call me on this date next year it would be 3 years left bla bla bla.. *all the medic talks
Me: ...

Kalau bab kawen laju je bagi suggestion, tapi cakap pasal medic sikit terus gelabah -.-

Ayah: You know, they say if you give your kids some mainan doctor doctor when they're small, they'll grow up inspired to become a doctor. I guess it doesn't work for you then.
Me: Have you ever bought me such toys? I can't remember any.
Ayah: Then I guess we forgot to buy it for you la kot.
Me: ...

Ayah: How come you never online GTalk?
Me: No one uses GTalk anymore. People use WhatsApp laa.
Ayah: What's that?
Me: Chatting platform like usual SMS. Free on Android. Cmon la. Cakap pro-Android. Me on iPhone pun kena beli.
Ayah: So you Whatsup Whatsdown with Adam ask him how he copes with Medic la, daripada duk cakap benda tadak pekdah.
Me: ...

Ayah: There's this saying, progress is passion driven by direction.
Me: I don't have passion already, how to drive?
Ayah: *chuckles. Hurm. Betul jugak kan?
Me: ...

And later that day..


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Anonymous said...

kalau quit medic, then nak further study in what course?

Bella said...

Hi anon. Sorry tak perasan komen awak. Huihui kite nak amek course suri rumahtangga <3