Sunday, March 18, 2012

Warwick Malaysian Games.


The bajet wing attack.

The team.

The team in action.

The injured one.

The duit raya.

The bullied one.

The classmates.

The nasik goreng sambil berjalan -.-

The nasik kerabu satu share empat orang.

The collegemates.

The *insertwhatyoulike*

The gemuk suda :(

The sharp shooter.

The nasik ayam taukey (and nasik lemak sambal kerang!)

All  in all, Warwick Malaysian Games was a blast! I mean, really. We won 3 games and lost 3 (and that makes 6 games altogether, phew), but what made everything worth it was these three people! Since I'm dead broke, everything was sponsored (and shared?) HAHA!

We went crazy and gaga laughing all the way, almost got wrecked down by car, in search for Mau's darling LOLOLOL and everything! Farzan with his hideous bruise (no offence) and Mau (yang tak main pun senanye HAHA!) were busy planning out strategies netballers should adapt, which was of course, was insanely hillarious! Worse, they were cheering Edy the sharp shooter while she's playing and distracting other players as well. Huiehhehehhehh malang la Cardiff dapat supporter camtu.

Thanks Farzan for the burger trolley Sainsbury and nasik kerabu duit raya tak jadi :( Also for the nasik goreng tengah jalan and banananananana!
Thanks Mau for the bus fare (as your little sister like you claimed) and mocha coffee break before train ride!
Thanks Edy for the nasik kerabu shared by four people walaupun takde la kenyang sangat tapi best gilaaa!


At the end of the day I was already half dead. Well perhaps it's just me exaggerating, but being in Leicester with very few Malaysians and never-ending studying people so kiasu one, this is just what I need, a getaway, a break, a DENIAL wtf! HAHAHAHAH!

Okay people, back to depression mode. Nasik ayam in two weeks time, cant waittt!

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Leng Chai said...

ahhhh my DARLING!!!!! harap leh jumpe cepat nnti lol

well tq for the cam ^^