Friday, March 23, 2012

Puteri Gunung Ledang in Leicester.

Last bit of Nusantara Week wuhoo! We had a Movie Night in the Lecture Theatre watching Puteri Gunung Ledang which was awfully romantic AWWHHH (provided you really pay attention to the classical words uttered by Tuah played by M Nasir). And dreadfully slow too. So, nope. Not my kind of movie, sadly. I was playing DrawSomething the whole movie and occasionally turn to Faizul asking, "Siapa ni? Apa dia buat? Kenapa macam ni?" Kalau masuk real cinema memang mintak penampar lah. But it wasn't that bad either. Except that I didn't expect to come all the way to uni watching an almost 2-hr movie only to be greeted by an ending sounded "Since then, no one heard from those two.." I guess the director ran out of things to say but still.. Rasa macam ending tergantung. Frustrating!

Anyhow, I was the person in charge to lead the audience that night. Well. Kinda. But silly me was being really really silly. For God sake, it's a Leicester event! And look what I was wearing for the night.

Name introduction to greet the guests, checked.

Uni-patriotism wise, FAIL.

If I were the event manager sumpah dah lama suruh perempuan ni balik tukar baju.


Adam said...

Aduhai Bella oh Bella, why so cute one...huhu :)

nur intan syairah said...

kann i dah cakap last2 sebelum balik tuh... bila u tanyaaaaaa.. jadi, conclusionnya....? i pon kata mencintai xsemestinya memiliki...

ohh.. jangan risau, x wajib applicable utk smua org .. hhuhu

Bella said...

Adam: Always am. AUUWWWW.

Intan: Tapi Tuah still pergi cari PGL, which dia nak gak MEMILIKI PGL. Cane?