Thursday, March 22, 2012

April come fast!

First Thursday morning lecture I've attended for this semester..

KahWee: Why are you here?
Bella: Here what? I always sit here whaaattt.
KahWee: No I mean why are you here at 9 am on Thursday morning?
Bella: ...

On another note, today is hari gembira Alhamdulillah! Apart from waking up to an "I love you" message on DrawSomething (which I'm not sure if it can be counted as faktor bahagia or not), a Facebook message from someone also made me so touched.

Dear you, I didn't include your name cause I'm afraid you might as well appreciate privacy the way I do. But thank you. You have no idea how this made me going. Waking up to your message, it's just another reason to keep me going (since I dread waking up to another day in med school so much hehe). I'm replying here since I want the world to know how nice it is to have a friend like you. And of course, to spread the love and message. Thank you very very very much!

Also, I've been utterly addicted to DrawSomething! Gila ah. Dalam lecture. Group work. Balik class. Nak tidur. In fact this morning when I woke up at 6 am, I actually stayed in the duvet "drawing" until 6.45 am!  45 minit melukis. Semangat mak haih. One thing, I always thought engineering students are better artists compared to medics. Well, ladies and gentlemen, sadly they're not -.- 

Yeah this goes to @farzanfadhlillah @hazwaniharis @naqiuddinmy heheh :D

Then there's this chap who gives me confusing message on drawing (and writing). Sigh.

Bella: What's with the I love you? And candy? Takde kaitan.
Adam: Of course la ada. You're my candy. And I love you.
Bella: Might as well letak eye candy. Lepas tu lukis lelaki handsome.

I'm such a mengada thing I know.

But the most super duper extremely ultimate mega happiness would be this.
Ou yes. It's April 1st, and not 7th! Bought another ticket to Dublin earlier than my previous one! And of course, I wouldn't be that rich to suka hati je burn one ticket and buy another. Well, it's sponsored by Izleen! And funny thing, it was such a random act, done this morning at 8 am. I asked if she'd like to sponsor me if I come earlier and she said YES! So I immediately bought the ticket and checked in! Gila semangat woh. Serius seronok dapat tiket sponsor. Lagi seronok dapat bestfriend macam ni. A week plus to go, cant waaaaittt!

Meanwhile after this morning lecture..

Shannon: Aiya after group work got lecture some more. You going to the afternoon lecture not?
Faizul: Of course la pergi. Dah la lecture sikit je. Leicester kan lepak, takkan itupun taknak pergi class. Tak gitu Bella?

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nur intan syairah said...

faizul adalah seorang manusia yang kita kena selalu berterima kasih dekat leicester.

ko buat apa semalam?
faizul: buat nota.

=.=' terima kasih jugak.