Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Yes, to some extent it depends on what you have at the moment. But most of it lies in what you make out of what you get.

So long as you know how to make the best of what you have, driven by what you want, you'll get through it.

1. A pilot graduating at the age of 22 now working with Air Asia who once was as close as running away from home since he let his parents down with his 2As in SPM. Now a young successful pilot earning 4 digits per month, getting married soon.

2. A struggling 22 year old miserable medical student who scored all As in her SPM, got into one of the most prestigous college doing one of the toughest preparation course in the world. Now in UK, wondering every second what the heck she's doing there, praying hard that she'll survive every other day in med school with minor heart bruises and brain injuries.

You decide.

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nur intan syairah said...

what the tuttt??? i xsuke ni. mana bole bandingkan macam ni, perbandingan xsetaraf, satu happy satu sad. u kena letak 2 2 happy or 2 2 sad...