Thursday, September 29, 2011

The third day of my medical career.

Semalam.. Hari gembira.

It all started when I called Yana and she was like, SPEECHLESS when she heard my voice, and I was like, NAK NANGES when I heard hers. We both were like, FINALLY.. For some, this might be nothing big, but for us, to be in the same time zone again, in fact, the same country, means more than anyone could think. She rang back realizing that she could better make use of her free calls rather than draining my credit. Even when I was back in Malaysia, she called from time to time, just to check on me since she hardly went online on Skype and I didn't have my FB back then. The call lasted for almost an hour and she kept on asking, macamana nak pergi Leicester, naik bas ke train ke. And I was like, Leicester takde pape, dia kecik je and everything within walking distance. But what touched me the most was, "Bella dah kat sini, makin ramai la orang kat sini, SUKAAA! And mestilah pergi Leicester at least sekali, Leicester kot." Paling tak tahan bila dia cakap, "Nanti nak tanya B macamana nak pergi Leicester, tak pun nak ikut je dia." HAHA :D B is actually someone in Newcastle whose girlfriend is in Leicester. Cute much, no? Yana Yana :')

Then Izleen buzzed on Skype, after aaaaaages of MIA since there's no Internet at her place. Apa lagi. Spill lah. We both have like, GAZILLIONS of things to spill, and we kept on rambling Skyping til I became veeeery sleepy that I decided to go to bed. And as usual, macam biasalah kalau Skype dengan Leen, gelak macam hantu, then menangis macam orang gila, lepas tu masing masing stare at each other tak cakap apa apa. Yang kelakar is bila dia happy, and I was feeling pretty low, and she kept asking, takpe ke. As if takpe ke kalau dia bahagia masa I tengah down. Haha comel gila. Well you can't stop someone from being happy when they deserve it just because you're not, kan? I am happy for her. NANGES.

The day went pretty much as usual. The lectures, group work and such. But it ended at 1 and my group decided not to continue with discussion at 2! Now how awesome is that? So basically after 1, we were free to go. I headed home alone, bawak all the handbooks berat gila but I was feeling extremely jovial that I sang along while walking. Ya Allah, semalam sangat bahagia. Syukurrr.

And have I mentioned how bright and sunny yesterday was? 

"It's exceptionally warm and sunny today, right?" Dr. H while greeting me at the hallway in the morning.

Later in the afternoon around 2 something, I went to town alone. This time snapping pictures here and there, going to meet Nad and Faizul to open a bank account.

Alone. And I have never felt this free and easy.

And I managed not to sesat at all! Wow, satu pencapaian Bella dan jalan.

So we met at HSBC, and it took merely half an hour during the whole account opening thing and wallaaa, I'm done! The bank officer was very pleasant and he kept on saying how Malaysia is in his list of countries. Tak tau kalau dia just nak ambil hati ke apa, but surely, that made my day more than ever.

I just love the day.

Then while waiting for Nad and Faizul at Lloyds, I took my solitary walk, jalan sorang3 masuk all the kedai and everything, and finally Primark. Got myself a pair of a not so cantik selipar rumah, but very comfy, and again, they made me happy.

Lepas jumpa Nad and Faizul, we went everywhere we could, randomly entering stores and all. We went to Pound Stretcher, Argos and many other kedai, especially the Pound World, Pound Land and such where everything is one pound. Haha what a cheapskate!

And we walked home feeling extremely penat but satisfied an all of us agreed, the day was a happy day.


Jarrom Street, where my second home is.


LRI - Leicester Royal Infirmary


Clock Tower



Sounds familiar, anyone?

H&M and Primark

Inside Primark

Nad and Faizul

Jason Mraz in town

Argos, household heaven

T-Mobile, O2, Orange, Vodafone, Three, they're all dekat dekat. Rivals.

Poundland where everything is 1 pound



Self-portrait in the mirror! *proud* 8)

Orang orang berjasa tolong angkat barang. Thanks korang :')

Beautiful disaster

Simple things make me happy - door hook from Argos

Phase 1 Handbook o.O

Happiness factor - I finally got myself a mirror!

And lastly..

A leopard-print 'throw'. It matches the duvet perfectly. Complete happiness!

Coming back from town, someone said something on Facebook which made my heart leapt to cloud nine. Rasa macam, nak nangis there and then. It's not like, gembira yang ecstatic. It's more like, THANK YOUUUU, you really made my day. And I feel loved. Especially now when things are very rough and the uncertainties are killing me to bits. 

Harus kuat!

Thank you Allah for this amazing life I have. Syukur Alhamdulillah.

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