Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First day at uni.

Feels like sharing this.

Lampu putih beli kat Argos. Bulb bawak dari Malaysia hoyeayeah. Duvet asal rumah ni.

Lampu bilik asal (kat siling). I orang Melayu, lampu kuning mengantuk lew nanti.

Semangat first day registration kat uni dengan seniors (lah sangat)  AJ and Lyn.

Awan nano Leicester. 

The best thing about the first day was.. The PRANK! Yeah they actually played a prank on us, the first year Medics! On the last talk, there was this one lecturer giving us a lecture on Emergency Medicine. Yeah, dengar pun macam dah, APAKAH? I went in around 7 minutes late sebab berlari larian kejar surau last sekali miss jugak -_-, me and Intan. Masuk masuk je semua muka serius, pegang pen menulis segala. And that's in Lecture Theater 2 (LT2)! LT2 is where the lecturer is played live on screen, while LT1 is where the lecturer really is. So kerja kerja point orang semua kat LT1 lah. In a way, we were safe. But still, lecturer can still see us in LT2 through webcam.

So this bitchy little lecturer was rambling on Emergency Medicine, playing slides with alien terms in them and asking questions to the students in LT1. She kept on making sarcastic remarks like, "Let see if your brain matches your look" and such, demanding on more people to answer her questions. Thing was, there were actually students who raised up their hands and and answered! Sometimes she's right, true, but not enough yadda yadda. And at times she just pointed to random people. CUAK GILA WEH. And whenever the pointed student answered correctly, giving us scary terms, we were like, HOW ON EARTH DOES S/HE KNOW THAT? ARE WE SUPPOSED TO KNOW IT AS WELL? Even us in LT2 kept exchanging weird glances. And the lecturer was like, YOU ARE FIRST YEAR MEDICS, COME ON!

Cuak gila nak mati serius tak tipu.

And finally..

Every freaking student who spoke and gave answers in the lecture was acting!

 And here goes, our bitchy annoying little lecturer. Damn she's good.

First day at uni. What a day.


sasquatch said...

she's HOT!

Farzan said...

i second dat sasquatch :)