Friday, September 2, 2011

Hello September! I hate you.

New header yeay! (and new background, new layout, new blog name semua pun nak bagitau zzz)

I know I know. The striking pink as the date header is kinda annoying. Kan? Tapi dah taktau nak letak warna apa, biaq pi lah haih.

A new header because although I love the wedding-ish image on the previous header, I think they're not me. Well of course they're not me, they're some random Googled image (forgodsake!), but this one, yeah, is so like totally mine! Lips, I mean. Why the lips? Part of it because I love close up portraits, especially body parts (fingers, eyes, etc), but particularly the lips because this blog of mine very much represents them.


Because I might say things for the sake of being nice. Though I've made a habit of not saying things just to be polite (and getting better at it). I might as well keep things to myself just to avoid arguments, further questions, or simply plain lazy and ignorant to explain more.

But I don't write to please.

That statement is self-explanatory. So if you find yourself feeling offended and disagreeing to things that I write here, well, thank you. At least I know I've made you think. Because one won't feel something if they don't give that thing a damn, no? Ohoi Bella jangan nak emo sangat raya saya ni boleh tak?

And and and.. What's with B(ell)a? Just in case it evokes curiosity in you, (kalau tak curious pun cek nak habaq mai jugak), it's Ell integrated into Bella. Something like integration taught by Teacher Nila back in KMB. Like, f(x) into g(x), only this time f(x)=Ell and g(x)=Bella. Geddit geddit? Tak faham sudah.

Raya pictures will inshaAllah be uploaded soon, meanwhile let me berkabung sendiri sendiri since September is already here.

Raya teaser: Team nasheed pergi tak kembali Selising, Pasir Puteh, Kelantan

Selamat hari raya keempat everyone!

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