Monday, September 26, 2011

From KLIA to Heathrow.

So here I am, in Leicester, United Kingdom, negara yang diidam-idamkan sejak dulu tanpa diketahui sebabnya =.=

While many others complained about their flights, I had a wonder 13-hour journey, starting from KLIA itself. My cargo luggage weighed 32.9kg, my cabin luggage was 12kg while my backpack was killing me with its 6kg fillings. Do the Maths. I was like, carrying the whole lot of my room in Malaysia to UK. Most of them were stationeries. They alone weighed around 8kg. Okay okay jangan tanya I pun tak tauapa yang berat sangat sampai 8kg tu. But hey, they make me happy. And you can't leave something that makes you feel safe and happy, right? Better yet, they don't yell back at you, they don't argue, and they let you do things to them unconditionally. There goes, your lifetime companion - stationeries and art tools.

A bit of a trick, if your luggage weighs heavier than it is supposed to, do check-in early. Sometimes they allow few kg extras, if you're lucky. I checked in a bit later, and had to argue pompangpompang so that they could let my luggage in. Not good.

But good thing they don't timbang your cabin bag, so bring as banyak and berat as you can manage, and when I say MANAGE, yes, mana yang mampu. Jangan semangat sumbat semua in the end terkial kial gelabah nak bawak beg mana satu.

I didn't cry at the airport. Not a single tear. I don't know why. I couldn't feel a thing. Not excited, not sad, and nothing to look forward too. Now that's a very sad case. So adik adik yang nak fly, please please, at least feel something before you take off. Because not feeling anything is not a good sign, and not fun either.

I got an aisle seat in the aircraft, 31H. But I hate aisle seat so much because you have to sit right next to people lalu lalang, even the cabin crews, which annoys me like gila. So I switched with Nad, she took the aisle seat while I took the middle seat, which still, tak puas hati sebab I want the window seat so that I could avoid people. But then, Nad is a fun person to be with, so I had fun.

There's this inflight supervisor, Mr. Lim who randomly talked to us while jalan jalan dalam flight like a boss. And he found me interesting. Yes, INTERESTING. I guess I was menyampuk banyak sangat and I was really annoying to him that he kept on dropping by at our seat just to menyakat us. Well, he started flying even before I was born, so.. Tak berapa muda, although quite good looking. Damn lupa nak tanya if he has a son =.=

Him: So you're doing Medicine, what do you plan to major in?
Me: I haven't thought about it yet. Let's see how the demand goes first.
Him: Smart move. I think you should do psychiatric.
Me: Really? Okay I'll take that into consideration.
Him: Wait a second, I think instead of Medicine, you should be doing Law. You'll make a very good lawyer.
Me: *buat buat terkejut* Really? And why is that?
Him: Nowadays it's very hard to find someone to have a nice fun conversation with. Especially younger ones. Most of them don't know what to talk about. And they don't really reply. But I find you very interesting.
Me: Well, thank you, I take that as a compliment. But talk about the weather, why not? Safe topic. It's universal. Anyone can talk weather.
Him: You just went from fun to boring. *walked away*

I'm used to random strangers giving such remarks. You should do Law. Ever considered doing Law? You talk too much that you'll be a good lawyer. Yadda yadda.

And by that, I mean ultimate random stranger. Belum masuk teachers, families, friends lagi.

Okay enough on Law, I'm here in Leicester, jap lagi kena register kat School of Medicine. So... Shush!

This is a very long post I know. But I'm in dire need to distract myself from some extreme emotional turbulence, which has nothing to do with being abroad rather than home. 

But for now.. Here goes..

Orang orang Leicester, Heathrow Airport, London, United Kingdom

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