Friday, January 1, 2016

Our little family of two.

We are soo back, Alhamdulillah!

By 'back' I mean, UK-back. Didn't get a chance to update further whilst in Malaysia as Adam came home and my online life came to a halt (as usual), and we had what was probably the most meaningful time in Malaysia, ever.

By 'meaningful', I mean a quarter-life crisis.

There was a lot of 'adult' stuff going on. Family responsibilities, financial matters, health/life insurance, and eventually, the big question of,

To UK or not to UK.

The question arised probably from having the privilege of spending quite a substantial amount of time together in Malaysia. Yes, 12 days is long, considering last time we only had 3 days together and all the rest of it we were just being, um, independent travellers ie we went back alone without the significant other, haha.

And probably because Adam has now started working for quite a while, that the reality of working/living in the UK is starting to hit him.

And also because the awesomeness of home is just, unbeatable!

Suddenly returning to UK felt really daunting.

It doesn't help that Adam is starting immediately with long shifts of 9am-10pm straight and I'll be in Burton for the next seven weeks (which also means that Adam won't be able to drive me there because he'll finish at 10pm this Sunday when I have to leave for Burton).

Now now, how do I pack a 15-tog duvet into a suitcase, carrying them all on the train? (after unpacking the whole stuff from Malaysia of course.)

Last night we both slept early thanks to jet-lag and woke up at around 3am. I knew I could stay awake and still sleep later in the day but Adam needed the sleep as he'd have to work until late tonight!

I offered to give him a massage, hoping that he'd doze off back to sleep. He did, fortunately.

It was a moment of pure bliss, that quiet early morning, watching him sleeping peacefully. Malaysia is home, undeniably, but UK is not too bad. We have an easy life here, Alhamdulillah, albeit pretty dull. All the serious conversation of where to settle down felt less of a question, as I thought, I still have to finish my degree first, hehe. Then we'll probably have that serious talk again, but we'll worry about it later, life now is pretty good.

So yeah, back to our little family of two now.

I am sensing that 2016 will bring a whole lot of responsibilities of different kinds, yay!

2016 - To a better us, inshaaAllah!

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