Sunday, December 13, 2015

Asal mana?

Many of you vaguely know that my roots are so complicated that it's confusing. The hardest question whenever I meet new people is always,

"Asal mana?"

Makanya terkulat kulat lah saya di situ menjawab. 

Antara skema jawapan biasa:

Emm lahir kat Selangor. 
Parents orang Kedah and Kelantan. 
Tapi dah duduk Terengganu for about 10 years. 
Cuma currently my family kat Myanmar (or later, Sarawak), sebab Ayah kerja sana. 
Kitorang ada rumah jugak kat KL.
So in a way home is Kualalala Lumpur.

(Now probably have to add, currently in UK, boleh?) 

Many say that I can just say I'm from KL. I mean, that does solve the fact that home is KL, but I'm not exactly from KL. 

Terengganu has played such a huge part in my childhood life - it's where I grew up, had my first childhood crush (typical) and all, that I refuse to omit it as part as my root. And I have such fond memories of the beaches that I always say I am forever a beach girl. But never not once that I refer myself as 'orang Terengganu'. Never was, never will. 

Then Kelantan and Kedah. Though I can somehow speak their dialects, again, I'm neither of them. It's my parents, not me. (Eventhough our allegedly mini wedding reception on my side was held in Kelantan, I suppose). Confusing, but nope. 

Growing up, we spent most of our holidays on the road travelling between Terengganu-Kelantan-Kedah. Penat bakhang. 

Selangor is where I was born. Subang Jaya, to be exact. It's too random thinking that I was actually born in Subang, lol. My parents used to live in Serdang when I was non-existent (and then probably very tiny), but I had no memories of Selangor whatsoever. I can remember Kuantan pretty well though. (We moved there for a bit before settling in Terengganu).

Still, I hold an unexplainable pride of being born in Selangor. So when Selangor met Kedah in final Piala Malaysia recently, I was all for Selangor!

Despite being in Kedah when the game was on. And being surrounded by Kedahans. Pressure okay sokong Selangor tengah2 family Kedah, haha. 

But that also means, yes, I'm in Malaysia at the moment Alhamdulillah! In Kedah, to be exact, for a cousin's wedding. Next stop would be Kelantan before going back to KL. 

It's a looong journey but nothing I'm not used to. Still very tired and sleepy from the non-recovering jetlag though, so there was one time I threw tantrum in the car saying I've had enough, I just wanted to sleep! Haha drama. 

A picture of probably half of our big family in Kedah. It's been a while since I got to attend real wedding the kampung style (they cooked the dishes on their own!) so all the kampung food.. Gahhh worth throwing tantrum for. Anything for the food I tell you. 

Quoting someone on fb,

"Women... Sometimes strong, sometimes weak. But mostly hungry."

So me. 

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