Wednesday, December 2, 2015


So the UK just authorised bombing against Syria in the name of peace and eradicating terrorist following Paris attack..

Recently I found myself in constant anger and disgust more and more often with the political world. Nevermind the fact that our Malaysian government isn't looking like it's going to change anytime soon.. When toll prices went up one after another, I still remember Ayah said public transport wouldn't be affected. Well, according to the 'plan' anyway. Now, what? 

Here the UK government has been trying to screw NHS (the UK healthcare system) by imposing new contracts for the junior doctors which will involve a lot of paycuts and ridiculous working hours. And now few hours ago they just decided that it's okay to bomb Syria.

Even thousands of the Brits are saying no to bombing Syria. Nope, not listening.

I'm sorry Syria. I'm sorry for the stray bombs that you and your children will wake up to. 

I'm truly sorry. 

Today is a sad, sad day.

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