Friday, January 15, 2016

Write happy things.

In need to write happy things and remind myself how some petty stuff are just not worth the slightest thought.

1. Texting with Hajar. 
It makes me happy. Genuinely, sincerely happy. This is one of the peculiar friendships that I have in life. Boy I'm good with long distance. At some point we talked about how we're all grown ups now, we'll be 26 this year! Look how far we've come. Ahhh I can't say how happy I am for her, Alhamdulillah.

2. Love note from Umi.
Well, more like from Tsara and Danial. When we were in KL, Adam and I went to The Mines, just the two of us. Apparently Umi (my mil), was there too, along with Tsara and Danial. And it just so happened that Adam parked the car right next to hers.

I thought of being cheeky (or creepy) and left her a note on the windscreen.

And came back to this.

I honestly thought they wouldn't notice it. But they did, and we got a love note too! #clingydaughterinlaw alert. Alright T and D, we love you guys just as much. Sometimes I think to myself, I am in so much win in this whole in-laws department, Alhamdulillah!

5. Out shopping with (almost) the whole family.
We almost never went out shopping as a family. Almost. Most of it because everyone has different needs and wants, and to drag Little Adam into Nichii for example is so not convenient. But we did last time! Minus Afiq because he has such intense love for his school, and Zahid because, well, he has  his own family. Well I do too, but never mind, haha. This time my mom insisted so we all went to Sunway Putra. Not massively impressive, but good enough for a start, hehe.

There's Ayah but he was paying for the parking or something.

Even better because Adam and Zay came to join us (well I made them, haha!). And yes, sometimes Adam and I do split ways towards the end of our holiday in Malaysia because we just need our own time to be with our own family. And because we're cool like that.

4. Wedding with A.
I notice I refer Adam as A more commonly on twitter these days, out of habit.

At Afiqah K's wedding.

Because time and togetherness in Malaysia is always limited, and to have both in hand is pure blessing.

"So which of the blessings of your Lord shall ye deny?"

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