Sunday, January 10, 2016

El Capitan, The Captain in Spanish.

Got my laptop sorted Alhamdulillah!

And now on OS X El Capitan, *smug face*.

Running Microsoft Office 2016, *double smug face*.

Lol. This machine has been stuck with OS X Mavericks (2 generations behind) because I didn't even have the gut to update to Yosemite. It's an early 2011 model, I didn't want to stretch it too far. It was crawling even on Mavericks!

The Apple doctor yesterday confirmed there was a hard drive issue, needing to be replaced. Uhm, fine. What I didn't think was, there are nearly 5 years worth of pictures in there that I didn't get to back up! Uhm, that's like nearly 5 years of my life man, IN THE UK. It might not matter as much now, but 10 years down the line I'd probably be like, 

"Uhm, you know kids, there's this period of time, not too long, only about, probably 5 years, where mommy spent her life in Leicester (I wanted to say UK but what if by that time I'm still in UK, haha), but all the memories are gone, together with the broken hard drive because mommy didn't back up her data. "

Hah! Eventually I agreed to retrieve the old broken hard drive back with extra cost. We'll think what to do with it later.

Which I then asked if this machine would be able to run El Capitan (given the age), and another Apple doctor said yes. And at that point I was like, uhuh, get on with it, I got nothing to lose now. 

Boy I was wrong.

I didn't even think that running the latest OS X on macbook might mean that some of the features wouldn't work with the older iOS on iPhone. And that's where my (another) ancient machine comes into the picture. The good old iPhone 4s that's just slightly younger than my macbook, nearing its 5 years of service now.

Sigh. Some of the cloud features on El Capitan could only work with iOS 8 or above, and my 4s has been stuck (again) at iOS 7, due to (again), age factor. Which only means one thing - I had to update my iPhone.

And I did, it is now running on iOS 9.2 beautifully, never mind the occasional lag. You know that app update notification on iTunes store that you get every now and then? I haven't been able to do it for some time since my iOS was too far behind, that updates became useless, and some might not even work at all. Now all notifications are gone! Updates, be gone, huh!

Now I'm pleased to say that I have two machines running perfectly, Alhamdulillah,  plus a huge hole in my pocket.

Biggest lesson of the day? Back up your data, REGULARLY.

Still waiting for the time when I get a quote for data recovery on my broken hard drive..

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