Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Vaginas, vaginas everywhere.

Someone commented that I rarely talk about school/medicine on my blog, so here goes.

Look at all the motivation I have.


This O&G block is starting rather slowly. Not complaining - in fact, thank you med school! Truth is since last week, I've only been to the ward once, a post-menopausal bleed (PMB) clinic, and a tutorial. Which btw, I don't wish to attend the PMB clinic again (which I will have to because it's on my timetable, sigh). 

Last time before we ended our geriatrics (equivalent to elderly care), our consultant wished us luck with the babies. I was so tempted to correct him by saying, it's actually vaginas. Vaginas, vaginas everywhere. Suffice to say I did not. Geriatricians can be very serious and lack of humour (in a kind way), I didn't think he'd appreciate me saying it.

So now yeah, vaginas, vaginas everywhere. Which doesn't help because I'm pretty disturbed by the sight of em thingies, male and female alike, since the theory years of med school. Even the sight of pelvic floor muscles in the anatomy textbook makes me cringe. Now.. We have the real stuff. Poking through the vagina, up through the cervix, into the womb.. Hysteroscopy, that is. Nevermind the pain. Doctor said it's like period pain, patient said bloody hell it was nothing like period pain! (Doctor was a male, btw). You know, male, period pain, um, what do they know? One after another. Cringe. Again. One after another. Cringe.

And I haven't actually seen/deliver a baby yet. Well, I've seen a caesarean before, not vaginal delivery though. Oh just the thought of it.. Cringe some more.

And poking through a pregnant lady's tummy to 'guess' the baby's position, poor mommy. I'll go for ultrasound instead, thank you very much. Which of course is not always the case since you can't get ultrasound in the community. Oh, poor mommys. This medical student has no idea what she's doing, we're so sorry.

It will get better as the block progresses, I believe. It definitely will. Meanwhile I'm off to poke some pregnant tummys in the antenatal clinic this afternoon.

(Going to thank my mom, again.)

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