Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hashtag AdamBella.

I was going through Adam's PC aimlessly when I found this. 

Our wedding pictures bahahaha I'm always very reluctant to look at our wedding pictures because of how I look in heavy makeups. Don't get me wrong I really love the look, just that sometimes, I think it didn't feel like me at all! Like, siapa kau?!?? Pfft. Dramatic.

Also, I know I wore a poker face during actual nikah. Like eveerryone said that. Muka serius gila macam nak cari gaduh. Takde perasaan habis. Like this.

By this time dah ada perasaan sikit..

Although in my defence, my poker face was only captured when I wasn't looking. Deep in thought katanya. 

Contohnya, kalau pose untuk camera gua senyum okay. See??!?

Anyways, compared to this guy..

Amboi abang seronok la tu nak kawen

Haa kan manis senyum macamtu. At least ada la jugak hint senyum malu malu sikit. Ini future wife muka ketat habis tekanan apakah, siapa yang kena lafaz akad sebenarnya? Kahkah

Paling epic, muka yang ni.

Ummi kemain sedih, and I was.. Sad man. Like really really sad. The moment they said 'sah', it hit me that my parents were no longer my priority. Somehow this man that I've only known for 3 years was taking over that place. It dawned me really hard that I felt.. Numb. And I can be rubbish at displaying my true emotions anyway, hence the ultimate poker face. Although I'd prefer to call it the okay-I'm-not-sure-what's-gonna-happen-next-help? face.

In all honesty, panic okay? Like, okay sekarang dah jadi wife orang so what's next? It was so awkward that masa Adam wanted to kiss my forehead I backed away sebab awkward gila, like siapa kau nak cium aku??!? Kelakar gila. Even the pictures of that moment look awkward..

Anyway, what made my day is this!

Another reason why I kinda dread looking at our wedding photos is because I believe there's not a single shot of us with my parents! (Long story). Turns out Kak Ina actually took this shot at some point! Nanges. I owe her my life okay!

Sorry lah kena tengok close up muka kitorang. Camera mahal pulak tu, habis semua zoom in nampak segala pori pori cela di wajah. 

No regret.

Few days back ada orang tanya, if I could turn back time, would I do anything differently?

Yes, kawen lagi awal. Wahahah.

In all seriousness, I would still marry this guy, a thousand times over.

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