Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Long way home.

That darn price, I know. 

Heavy sigh.

And the meticulous planner in me calculated that total journey from Leicester would cost around £650. From LEICESTER, not London nor Paris. For a peak summer British Airways flight. It's pretty much a 'direct' flight since most of the journey consists of London - Kuala Lumpur leg. And I can always get off at London Heathrow on the return journey without completing the second leg back to Paris. So that's a true direct flight. For £650 on British Airways. No brainer, hey?

Average peak summer flight is around £800 for the flights alone, not including travelling to and from the airport. And we're talking about transits, the usual airlines - Emirates, Etihad and the likes.

£650 all in for a 'direct' flight back home. British Airways. In summer time. Peak summer.

I did not, though.

Spent nearly 3 hours looking into this - flights, different airports, other options, cheapest travel plans, you name it. And eventually decided against it.

I know I just need something to look forward to just to keep me going, and the last 3 years have proven that a flight ticket home is a powerful motivator. It's a darn good reason to get one. Something to look forward to. Something to hold on to.

Still, I did not. 

I'm better than a sad potato relying on a flight ticket home to keep going.

"Sometimes we have to put our happiness aside to make others happy
- it's called sacrifice." - AM

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