Sunday, June 1, 2014


Guys, I have a confession.

*grits teeth*

I came to Belfast again not even 7 days since my last trip.


Having said that, I was here last weekend, went back to Leicester on Monday, and flew again into Belfast the next Saturday. Was at home for not even 48 hours when I sent Adam a text asking if it would be too much for me to come again this weekend and as usual, he did not say no. Yes my husband spoils me a wee bit too much and I'm loving it. Teehee.

But then how can he say no if it was my birthday that weekend?

*dance dance*

At first he said he couldn't get me anything since I came in a very short notice. He got me the usual Ferrero Rocher as he would and said the actual gift would come later. Oh well, if it was up to me, to be here with him on my actual birthday is one of the biggest gift I could probably ask. So no gift yet? Not complaining. Yes, long distance relationship does that to you, you know. You settle for togetherness if anything.

But then later during the day he surprised me with this!

I especially love the card! It's so classy that I was in complete awe with it. My fingers kept tracing the details like so jakun hehe.

Then as I unwrapped it..

Now there is a story behind this wrapping paper. If you're familiar with Belfast, there's this cool shop called Avoca which sells everything you don't need but you desperately want. They sell very pretty stuff that I couldn't stop ooh-aaah-ing as I browsed through the store and put my hands on everything! We went there last week when I was here (ahem lol) and I made a comment on how pretty the wrapping paper is. But then there would be no point for me to buy it and I was guessing it would be expensive too? *chapskate alert*. I said it ever so lightly like a passing remark but I didn't expect Adam to pick it up and actually buy it for my birthday present! *cries* Told you I'm probably too spoilt by him. *wipes tears*

Little things, man. Little things that matter. 

Then the actual gift.


No wonder the card is so classy, there's a Classic that comes with it! (failed pun lol)

Yes, it's an iPod Classic! To be honest the idea of getting myself a Classic has been going on for a few years now, but it came every so often that I get used to live with it. But now?!?!!!

What did I do to deserve you darling. Sigh.

(Of course I offered to cook lunch even when it's my birthday like a good wife does, hehe)

Thank you darling love. *bear hug*

Well to be fair right after he gave me this and laughed at my epic tears (as he would call it), I went on my family's Whatsapp group, only to find loads of birthday wishes from the big family - some of them even sang on the phone!

How la not to cry like that. *more epic tears*

On another note, 24 is a big number you see. My parents, at the age of 24 had had a baby already. Me? All I have is that old ancient feeling when even Adam is not yet 24! *cringes*

But anywhoo, Alhamdulillah. This is my second birthday that we got to celebrate together on the actual day after nearly 5 years of being together. (Refer to the long distance point). And for that I thank Allah for every second of this life I have and this man I am blessed with.

And of course these load of family I can't live without! Well actually for everything. I can't even list them down or it will take forever. You know that feeling when you look back thinking wow, life is amazing that all you can do is sigh? Well that's how I feel since the past few days.

Alhamdulillah. To a better 24!