Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Home affairs.

The reasons why I hardly video call my family at home are because (a) only my brother owns a MacBook that I can Facetime with, (b) my parents really couldn't be bothered to go on Skype (not that I do) or (c) video call usually means everyone in the family shouting my name from different corners of the house, all talking at the same time telling their stuff without really looking at the laptop. But whenever we do see each other on Facetime, a lot of strange things happen. Like this.

If this is for real then I'm probably screwed this summer. Adam and I are surely going to have effective communication every night. And that probably includes staring into each other's eyes til we fall asleep lol.

And this. 

The last time I saw this was probably ten years ago and now it is making a comeback into the family! Well this is Ayah making the kids write official letters asking for pocket money again lol. Mind you I had to do this every month when I was in primary school. There was one time I even had to put 'URGENT' on the envelope because I was running out of money. Lol. Told you Ayah can be a bit weird.

But anyways.... 

What movie ticket costs RM20??!? 

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