Monday, May 12, 2014

A child's first love.

Last night was filled with heavy clouds of emotions and feelings, that I cried every once in a while at odd times. Weird. My thoughts were occupied with random stuff - and by that I mean any stuff - like how it's been a week since Adam left and I'm still struggling to gather myself, or the fact that I miss the friendship with my brother so terribly, how my mom is so busy with her other kids (middle child syndrome, hello?) bla bla right down to the fact that I was going to have an early start this morning.

Then I thought about Mothers' Day which seems to me is overrated - I mean, one single day to show an *extra* appreciation to our moms, really? But of course, last year I sent bouquets of flowers to both my mom and MIL, so this time you can bet it's just the hormones saying those things.

In desperation of missing them (and my sanity), I went through my wedding photos, which brought me to this.

"Til this very day, I still wonder what was running through my mom and my mom in law's mind on the day Adam and I got married. I mean, I was getting myself a husband for life, and they were fighting themselves to let go of a child they've each brought up for nearly 22 years."

Feeling all emotional about it, I sent the picture complete with the caption, to both my mom and my mom in law.

And here's what my mom in law replied.

"Then, wow, my son is so handsome and I have another beautiful daughter."

I laughed and cried at the same time reading her reply. I mean, I was getting all sappy and sentimental about it when she was only thinking of happy things!

A reply from my mom somehow was a bit different. And I find it too personal I'd rather keep it to myself.

Ahh, moms.. What do we do without them.


Miss Amirah said...

Assalam kak Bella. I really love your blog. Saya terjumpa blog akak masa nak cari pasal ib Mara. From that...I feel interested to read your other posts. Kak Bella if u tak keberatan can you please follow me on twitter @amirah_Azza. Sbb I nak follow u but there was a bit prob. Thanks..

Bella said...

Wsalam Amirah. Actually I lagi prefer kalau you email me at ryannabella @ if there's anything. inshaAllah I'll reply there. Anyway, thanks for dropping by ;)

Miss Amirah said...

Hokayyy..will do..thanks kak bella