Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ramadhan survival kit.

Right. Too many negative vibes already it makes me sick. If I remember myself well, I'm not really the complaining type. Oh well at least I think so. 

Adam's back in Malaysia now. And I guess I can't help but feel bit sad. Just a little bit. But you know what, because Allah is very kind, He won't let me wallow in sadness. So He sent me a friend.

He sent me a friend who then sent me a parcel full of Ramadhan survival kit!

It was really an emotional one. I've been off Facebook for nearly a couple of months now, so I rarely kept in touch with people. Not that I do so much even when I'm on it, but I can say it was better. But Teacher Ima is really one of those who I missed most since FB is the only means of contacting her. She hasn't got Whatsapp or Viber and I hardly make international calls these days. The last time we 'talked' to each other was when she sent a text message wishing my birthday. Which she never failed to do every year. 

In my first year, she sent me a birthday gift in the form of Adam. By that I mean she asked Adam to treat me like a princess (literally!) the whole day and she would pay any expenses incurred on me! Of course I didn't know back then. Adam simply asked me to choose what I wanted to eat, if I wanted to watch movie, etc. He did say it was someone else's treat though. But only at the end of the day he actually told me it was a gift from Teacher Ima. 

Ahhh good times. We were young back then. 

But either way, Teacher Ima is someone full of gifts and surprises, sometimes even to the extent that I feel like I don't deserve her.

She always comes with presents even if they're simple ones when we meet up. And I'm always the forgetful one sigh. How la not to feel bad. 

But this time she really went beyond my expectation! She sent me one whole parcel all the way from Malaysia! 

To save me from the hassle of typing the same thing this is taken from FB when she asked me how did I know it was her.

Okay so here's the whole story. Adam came with me for a week on my placement because thats how much he loves me lol. The moment we got back from Lincoln to Leicester there's this delivery card & I was like, whotttt I cant remember buying anything onlinee??? Then Adam almost immediately said "I would suggest you go & pick it up" almost nonchalantly. Of course la I suspiciousss!! I tanya banyak kali if he bought me something he insisted on no. So I was like, okay, that can wait then. Sabtu last week (we saw the card on Friday) we were supposed to pick the item up at the post office but it's sooooo freaking far that I hate to drag Adam allllll the way jalan 1 hr to & fro! Also I thought theres this thing that I bought aaaaaaaages ago yang tak sampai sampai and apparently the item is supposed to be big & heavy so walking 1 hr carrying it wouldnt be wise. So I decided redelivery it was then. Who knows on Monday they didnt redeliver it grrrrr so last Thursday the moment I reached Leicester I went to post office myself to collect it. So that's how it went tadaaaa!!! Lol

But to answer your question, & to be fair, the moment we exchanged texts I almost knew instinctively it was you. I even called Adam & push dia tanya banyak kali if he knows who the sender is. He denied obviously but mannnn woman instinct who can defy that lol. I even tanya him if it's you & he was like hmmm will it make a difference if I know who the sender is I was like YEAHHH ITS A FREAKING GIFT I DONT WANT TO LET IT GO TO WASTE lol. Hence the contemplation on making my way back to Leicester in the middle of the week cause I almost knew for sure its you. And to be fair, Ive always said to Adam, I'm a person of instinct. I take pride with my instinct so yeah, there goes ;)


YES I ALMOST KNEW IT WAS HER the moment she sent me a supposedly mysterious text to remind me on the parcel. And yes, she did have Adam as her accomplice in the whole thing. Sneaky love!

Now why did I say it was a Ramadhan survival kit?

1. It arrived (I only managed to collect it at the post office) on Thursday, and Adam was leaving for Malaysia the very next day, on Friday. So at that time it did feel like something to keep me going. To survive the day of Adam's departure. And to be fair, Teacher Ima did say in her letters that she hopes I'll be alright on my own when Adam's gone back!

2. And the very next Sunday was the first of Ramadhan. 

3. And look at what she sent me. 

All the perencahs for nasi goreng, curry powder, serbuk kunyit, chicken kurma, asam jawa and whatnot!

Canned food of chicken curry, tuna and some gravy stuff. It's even nicer because I am currently on my placement in Lincoln and hardly every cook, so these guys come in really handy!

And here's the most important thing. 

She got me a telekung!

I actually asked Adam to bring home my telekung at his place because I want to get a new one, and there it is, a brand new telekung to gear up for Ramadhan!

How did she know that I was actually going to get myself a new telekung is beyond my thinking. 

Then the highlight of it - my birthday card. She actually went through the effort of printing the pictures, cutting different pieces of paper and putting them together, writing kind words, I mean everything. And she even wrote letters, loads of them, handwritten on different days, and put them together with the card.



I cried buckets as I opened each and every one of them. 

Too emotional now. 

Let me tell you about our friendship - Teacher Ima and I. She was actually closer to Adam first, then there was me shaking over Adam's world like a storm (literally lol). So given that Adam and I are almost inseparable, and Teacher Ima has always had a big heart full of love, we made a pact. Well, sort of. 

We got closer when I had my year off in Malaysia while Adam in UK. We even went on an overseas holiday trip together, just the two of us!

The really nice thing about us is that we really get each other. She's no more of a people person than I am, so we're basically two socially awkward people who find comfort in silence. Even our contact with each other is a little funny sometimes, but nevertheless we always know that we're always there if we ever need one another. 

It's nice to know there's always someone there without the obligation of making yourself 'visible' or 'audible' all the time. They're just there. Unconditionally. 

And Teacher Ima is just one of the most wonderful person I've ever met on Earth.

So there goes. The story of us. 

Honestly I'm not very sure if she appreciates me telling the world this, considering how private she is. Last time when we went on a vacation we even made a promise not to tell anyone lol. But that was then I hope. 

This time I tell myself, if I ever stop writing in my life, I won't let it happen before I let the world know how wonderful this person is. 

And there there, I said it. 

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