Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tudung nangka.

You know those videos when babies say the funniest things? Well I have my own personal amusement too.

Adam. He says the funniest thing that I can't even guess where he gets that from. His English vocab is good, sometimes even better than mine. But his Malay.. I can only shake my head in amusement.

Last weekend I was in Belfast. As soon as I got into the car at the airport..

Adam: Babyyy why baby wear tudung nangka?
Bella: What tudung nangka?
Adam: Tudung like that. Like cempedak.

Guess what he meant by tudung nangka/cempedak.

It's just a freaking shawl! Okay I admit, he hardly ever sees me in shawls, but tudung nangka is just ridiculous? Gaahhhhh.

It reminded me of a friend's boyfriend. She only started wearing scarf when her boyfriend asked in pure innocence, "Kenapa awak pakai tudung macam telur?"



Anyway the other day Adam said I was being a fashion 'terrorist' by wearing a shirt that matched the colour of my shoes. Surely he meant fashion crime?

I'm not the only one who finds his language amusing. Apparently Kak Dina too. Last time when we went to Kak Dina's place, Adam was describing his house by saying,

"Rumah dekat penjuru jalan tuu."

Really sayang??

Alright first, no one ever used the word penjuru in daily conversations.
And second, we all say corner or simpang. The meaning of the word penjuru doesn't even fit into the context.

He also likes to twist Malay idioms like, "Yang dikejar berciciran, yang di-something tak dapat" or something like that. It amuses me to no end when he tries really hard to find the right Malay words when he's trying to describe something. Bahahah.

Speaking of Kak Dina, well, she had a baby!

Right Baby Farha, you can now ask Uncle Adam when can you have a playmate.


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