Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Half of the problems can be solved if only we listen more.

Most of the times we just want to be heard. To be acknowledged. If we can't have the attention in a nice way, we do the opposite. 

Children with behavioural issues usually just want to be heard. Or rather, demand to be heard. They can't have the attention they wish through the scores they get on a speeling bee competition, so they channel it through a different way. Tantrum. Temper.

"To some, it's better to be recognised in a bad way rather than not to be noticed at all."

So I've been seeing this one person for a few times now, whenever I feel the need to let things out and get myself back on track. Most of the times it's just to have someone who's really interested in how I feel and actually give it a thought, rather than seeking for the actual solutions. The options are there, but we both know that I won't go down the road I wish I could, for I don't have the gut to. So we play along knowing the conversation won't lead us anywhere but one - my sanity.

Sanity. Only by being listened to.

If only we listen more.

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