Thursday, April 24, 2014

Snowboarding: From Northern Ireland to Scotland.

Let me just start this post by a genius quote,

"Apalah maknanya duduk UK kalau tak pernah buat snowsports." (yours truly)

Bahahah. Can only say that cause I went snowboarding last weekend. Heh.

So yes, with the super kedekut Leicester giving us only 4 days of Easter break (more like an Easter weekend really hmphh) I guess I managed to get the best out of it!

Guess who was here?

Kak Ina all the way from Malaysia!
(sorry have to post this picture and spill the excitement of snowboarding pictures first thing in post cause I haven't got any other pictures of her alone and not in snowboarding outfit)

Kak Ina is actually Adam's cousin. And she's into all these cool stuff like mountain climbing, scuba diving and everything else that I can't remember of. Damn cool righttttt?? I've always wanted to go to Himalaya climb Mount Kilimanjaro (did I get the spelling right?) do parasailing, scuba diving, bungee jumping and all that stuff but never got to do so!

Kak Ina arrived Belfast on Friday night when I cooked nasi lemak ahems for dinner. We began the journey to Scotland first thing the next morning. Left the house at 6.30am to Belfast Port taking a ferry to Cairnryan Scotland.

I had no idea what to expect of the ferry ride to be honest. But Tsara has been insisting that it was so fun and she enjoyed in very much the last time she went to Glasgow! Okay people let's be honest here, what is it so fun about ferry rides? Gahhh. In my mind I had the visual of Langkawi ferry ride where it's so stuffy and we had to cramp in a small space with kids crying etc (don't know how it's like now though). But apparently..

Nahh you wouldn't even know this was taken onboard right! It was like being in a posh coffee shop that swayed every now and then lol. 

Outside was super cold despite the sunny weather but still as breathtakingly beautiful!

The ferry ride took us two hours. And from Cairnryan we took a bus to Ayr railway station. The journey was around an hour and a half I think.

Must show photos of us cause no other pictures in the bus lol.

And from Ayr railway station we took a train to Glasgow. Probably around an hour or so.

I super love this shot so must share!

Arrived Glasgow Central and had to make a change at Glasgow Queens Street station, so we took the chance to walk around the city for a bit. It was sunny and lovely and I reeeally love the fact that Glasgow people went on sunbathing in the middle of the city lol.

Super excited wife with a non amused husband.

From Glasgow Queens Street it was another train to Perth and then to Aviemore. By that time we were already super exhausted, pictures were no longer in my mind. Pehh.

But anyways, to sum it up, the journey went like this.

Belfast, Northern Ireland - Cairnryan, Scotland (ferry)
Cairnryan - Ayr train station (bus)
Ayr - Glasgow Central (train)
Glasgow Central - Glasgow Queens Street (walk)
Glasgow Queens Street - Perth (train)
Perth - Aviemore (train)

Left the house at 6.30am, arriving at 4.30pm.

Now I'll let you do the maths while I go and take a shower.

Til then!

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