Friday, April 4, 2014

Ten facts.

Gosh, the last time I've done tags was like, four years back! That owes to the fact that (1) I don't really leave comments on people's blogs, and (2) let's admit it, I don't have that many friends to tag around, well not bloggers at least.

But anyways, this comes from Sara, and heck, for the fun of it (while humming We Are Young by Fun), why not!

Answer this with ten facts about yourself, then pass it on to ten of your favourite followers :D

1. I am at a point where I'm very happy with myself, my imperfections and flaws, that it's hard for me to feel inferior towards others, let alone envy them. Not in a stuck up or selfish kind of way, it's more like a contented feeling when you feel at peace with your inner self that you can't really be bothered to compare against others wth hahaha okay I should probably stop here. Anyways, that probably explains why I am not very ambitious and prefer to take life one at a time OK STOP

2. I'm friendlier/nicer online than in person. And I kinda like strangers.

3. I jalan tak tengok orang, just so that I can avoid awkward eye contacts. Actually baru tadi kena sergah dengan my friends sebab jalan menonong tak tengok kiri kanan haha! 

4. I label my socks, so that each one of them has a fixed partner, and not tukar tukar partner everytime lepas keluar washing machine. Good thing I don't name my socks.

5. I judge you if you drink Starbucks every bloody day and are proud of it.

6. I still have the idea of quitting Medicine from time to time.

7. I bruise very easily at random places out of nowhere, have massive bleeding at that time of the month til the point that I think I deserve to be diagnosed with monthly anaemia, and have very frequent gum-bleed. These, I believe, all fit into the category of some clotting disorder, except that I don't get nose-bleed at all so that's a good thing.

(I was so tempted to use menorrhagia, epistaxis and coagulopathy at some point in the above statement errkks)

8. I have a thing towards tall, fair men. Small eyes are bonus. I cairrr when I talk to them.

9. I can see the shadows of my eye-lashes in my vision field. I mean, don't everyone get that?

10. I have another private blog. AH-HAH!

Not gonna tag anyone cause I really can't think of anyone to be honest. Lol.

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