Friday, November 29, 2013

The fight for you is all I've ever known to come home.

So these past few days I've been sleeping after Isyak around 6-9pm, and stay awake til 2-3am before going to bed again.

And wake up at 9-10am (well there was one time I woke up at 12pm) DIE LA LIKE THIS D:

Problem is, I get all sort of weird things with that kind of sleeping pattern - headache, binge eating, mood swing, you name it.

Last night in one of my messed up sleeps, I had a dream of this one Korean song which Adam asked me to listen to some ancient time ago. Yes my dream got sound! I read somewhere it's not normal to remember your dreams, let alone to have sound in them. Well things are really getting into my head what to do.

So it's this song that I woke up to, ringing in my ears, with very little success of me humming it so that Adam could look it up for me. I'm rubbish with Korean songs oh well.

Thing is, it's such a sad song. All melancholic and nostalgic wth. So not only I woke up to a song I couldn't find on Youtube, I also woke up to sudden overwhelming sadness and hunger (this is a must regardless what mood I am in). And and aaaanddd this song is about some high school relationship and it sorts of brings back the memories of Adam and I back at KMB - we were classmates sitting next to each other in the class and left random love notes everywhere and all the sweet stuff yes can puke now lol. But noooooo I truly miss having someone to peek at in class. And wink at (though I couldn't really wink, still can't now sigh). And merajuk and annoy our classmates and teachers with our college sweetheart stuff. And how much Adam would try to make me stop drinking that Nescafe Mocha in fear of caffeine overdose.. Well if only he knows how much caffeine I take these days hee hee.

Btw 'hee hee' is how my mom giggles in her text. Hee hee.

You know, those days when things seemed so carefree.. Well apart from having a family living abroad unreachable by phone, that kinda sucks. Ahh those days.. Makes me realise how we're now all grown ups.

Which brings us to this!

I don't know why the picture seems so blur. Well, Samsunggg. Mehh.

And that is my mom's full name - so long I wonder how it fits in her IC. (Hi Ummi!) *waves*

But anyways, Alhamdulillah.

After more than five years living away from each other.. We're all finally coming home! Thank you to those who've been praying for us. To those who've been listening to my rants about distance and stuff.. Thank you so much! You'll probably get different kind of rants from me after this hee hee.

And when I saw this..

Yes Adam, finally you get to be with the rest of your siblings - and be bullied and annoyed and lose all the privileges of being the only child living with Ayah and Ummi.

Thank you Allah. I couldn't ask for a better life.


yaya said...

My mum isi borang tukar tu jugak tapi tak dapat :( Been living in Kota Kinabalu all this while while my father lives in Putrajaya. :'(

Bella said...


I'm truly sorry to hear that. I know how it feels :( Hold on & keep praying!