Monday, November 11, 2013

Of NMG 2013 and a friendship lost in time.

Had my third dose of Nottingham's Malaysian Games last weekend. This time I went there as a player rather than to wander around and have fun because I was so disappointed with last year's food stalls that I told myself I definitely wouldn't go to Nott's Games if I wasn't playing. But surprise surprise, life has its own's way to play trick on people (or rather, me?) because this time the food was pretty awesome. We got nasik kerabu, some nasik ayam masak merah, char kuay teow, apam balik etc. AJ's sister tagged along so she bought those food for us while we were stuck at the netball court. How nice :')

But then, it's also kinda annoying because last year when I went there for fun, the food was disappointing. And it's this time when I went as a player that the food was all cool. How fun.

We met Cardiff in group match, AGAIN. Sigh. I don't know what is it with us and Cardiff. It's been three years in a row that we were in the same group. And they were sooo good! We came close to beat them last year with a draw, but this time around, we lost completely. Blegh. But then again, they got bronze so finally Cardiff went home with a medal! Yaaayyy!! The gold went to, guess who, yeah, LSE. Don't tell me I didn't warn ye.

Okay I'm a little bit biased here because I know most of the Cardiff people and of course, there's Edy, the sharp shooter. Haha!

Leicester's netball team

Because I'm so kind and I love my team, I'll introduce you each and every one of us.
From left - Nana, Kak Fasya, Bella, Haifaa, Pei, Lynn, Intan, AJ, Ze Lyn

And I look sooo tiny D:

We got quite a few compliments saying how smart we look with our pink and black outfits. If there was a Best Outfit Award for netball team, we'd probably already bag it haha!

But then, nothing beats the feeling of seeing a good friend you haven't seen in six years..

Amira Suhada aka Shud

I hardly tell people about my high school life. Truth is, I went to two schools - one in my lower form, and after PMR I left to another school.

Shud is a friend from the latter. There are actually five of us in the 'gang', and I was the only new Form Four among us.

For some reasons, we keep very minimum contact with each other after leaving school. And it doesn't help that I shut myself almost completely after high school, allowing very few people in my life.

When I met Shud, we just had to tell each other what exactly happened in those six years that are lost in time. Some part of me that has been repressed all these while was, for some reasons, awakened. I was scared. I was reeeeally scared to remember again. I have always been a firm believer that some things are best left unsaid. And to be honest, I was expecting some fresh cut and bleed from those memories, but to my surprise, it actually felt good. It felt so good to finally remember again. To reminisce it with someone who understands. Someone who knows. To feel again. To know that you're not the only one who have been feeling the way you're feeling now.

It felt like someone just lifted a huge burden on my chest - a burden I had to carry all these years all by myself.

However scary it might seem, despite everything that happened, us - the five of us, are still one of the best memories I hold close to my heart until now. We defined friendship in our own way. In a way I could never find in others.

And towards the end, Shud said this,

"Remind me how you're such a good listener Bella. You've always been one."

Babe, I love you too.


Adam (the Stalker) said...

I just can't stop stalking you :P

Bella said...


I'm flattered :D

ain zubaidah said...

la bella ko datang ke!!!! ok sorry terover excited. takde rezeki nak jumpa :( your ex-roomate was here too haritu. anyway take care bella. aku tgh buat essay and suddenly aku teringat kau terus aku dtg stalk.okbai

zulaikha said...

hehe i know amira suhada. we entered intec together 5 years ago. how time flies fast!

Bella said...


Yoooo aku nampak Pija spam gambo korang. Tapi taksempat jumpaaa aa tsk tsk


Small world! :D