Sunday, November 10, 2013

Write. It keeps you sane.

I kinda decided to stop writing in public last few days because
1. It makes me feel transparent.
2. Transparency can be dangerous.

But today I've succumbed to the writer in me, partly because
1. Writing keeps me sane.
2. I've got nothing better to do other than writing.

Most of all, writing makes me happy.

I hope it makes you, too.


amira_suhada said...

babe ingatkan blog ko dah private.. haha now I'm officially a stalker :p

Bella said...

Baaaaru je post pasal kau. Nanti perasan lettew haha

Faith said...

Thank u kak bella.
Really did thought u're making it private haritu.

I read ur blog when I have bad days so yeah, don't make it private pleaseee.


Bella said...


Thank you for reading :D