Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Raya portrait.

My family has never been serious when it comes to family pictures, even on Raya. Most of the times we're just too busy eating or texting or chatting with one another that formal family pictures will only happen when someone really insists. Remember the family picture I shared last time? Well yes, that's the only Raya picture that we have, despite everyone being colour-coordinated.

So this time for Raya Haji, I made a Facetime call to my family back in KL and be the one who insisted that we NEED TO HAVE A FAMILY PICTURE. Well guess what? Ummi was busy ironing Ayah's shirt in a hurry since she had a flight to catch to Miri later in the afternoon, Ayah was laughing at the fact that I didn't have my husband here for Raya (hmpphh!), Zahid was doing stuff (whatever it was), Syahirah was asleep, Afiq was busy nudging me to buy his futsal shoes, while Adam was showing off his new Hot Wheels track conveniently mounted to the wall.

Family picture? Ain't nobody got time for that.

But NO. I INSISTED. I was in my red kebaya and I decided that this time, we will have a family portrait for Raya. No one else was still wearing their baju Raya though (speaking of, this year's theme is still blue from the last Raya Aidilfitri, not surprisingly).

The house later became a chaos as Ayah carried the laptop around the house nudging everyone to dress properly aka wear tudung for the ladies. And when I say 'dress properly' for the gentlemen, they also meant something to cover their heads - helmets and cap. And kopiah for the old-fashioned Ayah.

It was hillarious. 

At the beginning of our 'photoshoot' - everyone was well behaved. Well, minus the helmets and cap, kinda. I couldn't do anything about it.

And this was when everyone just went crazy. It actually got crazier but I figure let's just keep the goofiness to the minimum, just in case we might scare potential new family members joining us soon.

This is what I got in my iPhoto library.

In the last photos of Ayah and Ummi pretending to be on a bike, it all happened pretty spontaneously. I was asking for a photo of just the two of them, when Zahid suddenly came in and put the helmets on their heads. Ayah then simply brought his arms forward like he was holding the bike handle and Ummi went on to grab him at the waist as if she was gonna fall off the bike. And look at the expression. It was hillarious!

I keep on looking at this picture and thought to myself. I mean, how can I not fall in love with these two people??!?!

Aaahhh too much cuteness.

Eid Mubarak people!

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