Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A woman's hunger.

One thing I hate most about staying up late (past 10pm is late) is because I usually would go reeeeeally hungry but too lazy to fix something up. Talk about very hungry that I even consider ordering a pizza. So just now was one of those moments.

I was staring blankly at my laptop screen tucked in my throw refusing to do anything because I was too hungry. And it was so cold I couldn't even bring my hands out. So I resorted to my safety net - Adam.

Called him on Facetime --- made sad faces, whining about how hungry I really was.

Apparently he had a bigger problem in his mind. Tomorrow he'll have to leave the house by 7am and that means waking up 6.30am the latest. That, if you ask me, is nothing compared to my hunger.

In his lazy attempt to distract me from my hunger and convince me to go downstairs and find something to eat, I found a bag of Walkers in my room.

Opened it, chomped on it, said goodbye to Adam twenty seconds later.

And Adam was like, is that it? You're ditching me now because you've found food isn't it?
(this is how I would've said it - he said it in a slightly different way)

YES. I'm done here. I've got my bag of chips. Nothing to do here anymore.

And there I thought, sigh, my husband knows me too well. Feed me good food, and I will love you for the rest of my life.

Oh, and ice creams too.

And handbags.

And at least thirty minute cuddles before going to bed together.

And shopping trips.

And Ferrero Rocher.

And morning kisses.

And... Sigh. 


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