Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I can write a million reasons why you're my favourite.

I can write a million reasons why you're my favourite.

Like how you hold me tight in the morning in bed while your eyelids flutter
Refusing to wake up
Refusing to let me up
And we end up counting stars in our half-asleep world.

Like how you don't mind paying for everything when we are out
For you know how much I hate carrying my purse around
And we end up calculating how much do I owe you, everytime.

Like how you give me a doubtful look
And worry about what the figure would be
Everytime I say I want to jump on the next day plane
And we end up buying the tickets anyway
And you never refuse to have me. Never.

Like how you praise every single thing that I cook
Even if I cook them to my taste, and not yours
And you would say I make the best nasi lemak ever
Everytime, every single time, they are always better.

Like how you are such a blur when it comes to technology and gadgets
And I'll pretend to be an IT expert
And impress you with my humble knowledge on computer
And you would think I am your IT saviour.

Like how you try to get me into KPop
And fail miserably
Everytime, every single time
With the hope that I change my mind
When you know I won't. Ever.

Like how you do your own laundry and fold your own clothes
Because I choose not to learn how to do them in your way
And we end up folding our own clothes because we have our own preferences.

Like how you come to bed early despite not being sleepy
Because you know I hate going to bed on my own
And we end up tickling each other making stupid jokes for half an hour before finally falling asleep.

Like how you always want me to come with you
Always, al-freaking-ways
But still end up saying
"Tapi kalau awak rasa nanti awkward, takpelah, kita faham"
Because you know, being around people is not my best thing
And I end up not going.

Like how you ask for my opinions
When it comes to big decisions
Despite knowing that we love to challenge each other
And my words may not be in your favour
But still, you ask
Because it's the asking part that matters.

Like how you hold me tight when I cry out of frustration after an argument
And stay still, in silence
And put away all our differences
Because we know life is not just about rainbows and roses.

Like how your eyes sparkle when you talk about your ambitions
Though you know we might not share the same visions
Though you know I'll bring you back to the ground
But we'll end up settling for a meeting point.

Like how bright your face lights up
When you talk about Umi
When you describe her in every possible word you can find
And bring me into the family

Like how you refuse to talk about others
For the fear of mengumpat and fitnah
Though you know sometimes I just want to share stuff
Still you remind me
There are always three sides of a story.

Like how you are such a cheapskate
Because I am, too.

Like how you ask me not to cry
When all I do is cry
And laugh all the same
And you still call me beautiful
And still mean every word of it.

I can go on and write a million reasons why you're my favourite.

With one of them is you being you.

-- Happy 23rd, husband.


Adam said...

Thank you sayang for the wonderful wish. I love you baby <3

Ieja said...

Sweet. :)

Anonymous said...

Aku menangis baca post ni. Wuwuwuw. Happy birthday Adam! Such a loving wife :) -Izleen

Anonymous said...

You're still into him. Happy birtday adam.

Anonymous said...


That's beautifully written Bella dear.

May you read those lines fast forward 20 years into the future and still feel the same AND MORE.