Thursday, October 24, 2013

LASIK at Prince Court Medical Centre - The day I decided I have had enough of glasses and contact lens.

My fingers are itching to write but there's nothing big going on at the moment and I don't want to bore you with how happy (or sad) I am now, so I thought I'll just share my experience on LASIK I had last Ramadhan. Had it done in Ramadhan for the keberkatan mashaAllah - okay that was a bluff - I just didn't have time to do it at other times.

I had it done at Prince Court Medical Centre under Prof Muhaya. And I'm sure if you google up LASIK Prof Muhaya or the likes, hundreds of results will appear. So this is not really a comprehensive information or guide or whatsoever, just documenting it for the sake of my kids and grandkids, who knows if one day they'll need it for reference of my medical history (?)

I'll break this post into three part.
Part I - Eye assessment
Part II - LASIK surgery
Part III - Follow up

Please also note that I'll try to give the date as accurate as possible since I forget things easily during the summer. Meeehhh

Pre part I - Appointment set up (not too important but I just thought I'd share)

12/07/13  - Called Prince Court Eye Clinic to see if there was any sessions that I could squeeze in for an eye assessment for LASIK in the nearest time. Initially I was given 17/07/13 for an eye assessment and if everything went well, the surgery would be on the next day. But I wasn't sure if flying off to Miri  immediately on the day after surgery would be a good idea. Also I needed to be off contact lens for at least ten days and again, I couldn't be too sure about that. So we set for another date after I came back from Miri, on 25/07/13 for the assessment.

I was honestly quite surprised on the availability of the dates. I didn't expect things to be as immediate as I was told. But then it was Ramadhan, and probably not many people choose to be under blade (LASIK is bladeless anyway hahaha) with an empty stomach. Blessings of Ramadhan, Alhamdulillah.

PART I - Eye assessment

25/07/13 - Went there with Adam (quite obviously). There were lllooooadss of tests that at some point I felt like a subject in some important research! My appointment was at 8.30am and we finished everything around 12pm. Consider me lucky. I met a person who had an appointment booked at 9am and she only finished at 3pm. The staff were extreeemeeelyy friendly and helpful, and I wouldn't say this for nothing. I was veeeeery impressed that I kept on mentioning it to Adam who I'm pretty sure at some point was getting annoyed by my mundane remarks hahaha! And of course, it helped to have a good companion to talk to (and argue with) throughout the whole thing because at some point, my pupils were dilated and I couldn't focus a thing. I was feeling groggy and had to rely on my other senses.

One thing that we discovered during the eye assessment was that my pupils were larger than average. That has been the reason why I keep seeing starbursts at night, especially from the headlights on the road. All this while I always put it down to my astigmatism, but apparently that wasn't the main cause. And apparently LASIK cannot cure it. At all. WOHA SURPRISE SURPRISEEE! I'm not sure if it's hereditary but my mom has the same problem and can't really drive at night. Anyway, after the full eye assessment, I was told that after the surgery I might see halos at night as well. To be very honest I was prepared for all that, especially with the starbursts thing since I've been living with it for all my life, though I secretly wish it would go away after surgery. But na'ahhh it won't.

So I agreed to have the surgery done on the next day. Which I will probably write soon, considering how lengthy it can be. 

Soon. Yeah, hopefully.

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