Saturday, April 27, 2013


I'm not good at saying those three words. Dulu mungkin ya, hari hari nak love you segala bagai. I guess I grew up saying "I love you" to my parents (and brother, romantic yaw) so tak malu nak leb leb dengan orang dan kawan kawan. Auwh.

But not anymore. Somehow along the way I lost that romantic side of me (as if I ever had any). I don't know how to say I love you as frequently. Not even the word "sayang".

So when someone said they love me, I can easily blush, segan sorang sorang, terus senyap taktau dah nak cakap apa. HIKHIK. *gelak mintak kaki*

Like the other day, I mengadu to a friend that Nadd was being garang to me, jokingly. Nadd was there too, so she immediately said, "Garang sebab sayang you la tau tak?"


Hahaha yes I was stumped! Sengih sorang sorang je la lepas tu. Syok sendiri mak hai.

And there was one time when Teacher Ima said "I love you" and I was blushing like mad, and just had to tweet about it because I couldn't contain my excitement!

And when Kak Hana replied my text some time ago saying "Sayang awak!"

OH OH BREATHE, BREATHE. *gasping for air*

Over gila I know. But I have come to a point where love is so precious, that when I say I love someone I mean it as hell. Nevermind if others say it just as casually. Nevermind if they feel it's just another word, another expression. I take it to heart. STRAIGHT TO HEART. Sometimes the most I could say would be "Loves!" or just the lame ♥ thing. Even if I do love them, I just don't know where to start.

Then there's this girl.

 I still remember the first time I actually said I love her, I was like, WOW I FINALLY TOLD HER.

Not that I didn't sayang her before, but I couldn't bring myself to tell her. So when I finally did, I was like, WOW. Another milestone in this friendship.

Mutual. Sounds good to me ♥