Wednesday, April 24, 2013

No one can hurt you without your consent.

Today is Ummi's birthday. 24th April. FYI she is 14 days younger than Ayah. Ayah was born on 10th April in the same year. So that makes them sebaya. Sebab tu la asyik nak challenge each other's opinion je. Cakap member sebaya. Kahkah.

Okay tak.

Me and Adam.. We're sebaya too. Except that I'm older than him YES I KNOW HOW SO NOT COOL IS THAT. We're four months apart though. Mine is 1st June (hint, people, hint!) and his is 1st October. So I'm older than him by four months. And that means he should call me unni or nuna or whatever. AND OBEY MY WORDS.

Except that he's the husband so I have to obey him more tsk.

Not the point though.

I remember on my whichever birthday some ancient years ago, Ayah gave me a book titled "Baitullah ke Nabilah." It's a collection of short stories (cerpens?). He also gave my brother, named Zahid, another book titled "Kisah Seorang Zahid".

Yes my father is so romantic like that.

But one thing I can never forget was on my twelfth birthday, when Ayah gave me a birthday present of I-can't-remember-what-it's-either-nerd-stuff-or-cool-ones. The message was the highlight of it.

"Happy birthday Nabilah. We love you. No one can hurt you without your consent."

At the age of twelve, the later part wasn't something I really thought about. Almost all my attention went to the "love" bit. Oh yes I'm a big sucker of love.

Now that I think of it.. Ayah is a big fan of "choices". He's a firm believer that whatever we have become today is a result of our own choices.

You choose to let it hurt you.

You choose to be sad.

You choose to do Medicine. 
(despite me insisting that it's my parents' choice, but in a way, I agreed to it, so it's my choice too)

You are responsible for your own choice.

Soo.. When he said "No one can hurt you without your consent", I guess he meant that when something happens, it's my choice to decide how to feel about it.

Things can't break you if you don't let them to.

I guess that's it. A birthday post for my Mum about me. Because I need all the love and attention and everything. Mihmih.




I'm all feeling mushy lovey dovey about this whole birthday thing and they sent me this makan besar picture. How nice.

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