Saturday, April 20, 2013

Counting my blessings.

It all started yesterday evening when I felt the sudden urge to cry. The dissertation was a pure torture, I was as close to flipping the desk with my laptop on it, except that I couldn't because my study desk is built in. Spoil gila.

But then good things came one after another.

Called KN, it was 2 in the morning Malaysian time. Oh well since when do I care about the time difference anyway. He picked up, only to whisper, "Wayang wayang."

Ceh tengah tengok movie rupanya. Midnight pulak tu. Kemain lagi kau TGIF kat Malaysia ye KN.

But then later he texted saying I could call him and when I did, he asked his favourite question, 

"Kau okay ke?"


Well I wasn't too okay anyway so the question was kinda appreciated. Last few times when he asked me that question I'd be storming "KAU INGAT AKU CALL KAU MASA TAK OKAY JE KE?"

Lol. Emosi wanita habaq hang.

Anyway, I was homesick (and still am), and KN knows me too well to expect that. So he changed the subject and told me like, a year worth of his stories. Which worked because five minutes later I was already laughing and screaming and throwing ridiculous questions at him.. And stalking FB..

Gossip kemain. Lulz.

We only hung up because I ran out of credit (like last time I called him GAAH I'M SOO POOR HOW SAD. But still, it was a good hour of catching up tsk NANGES.

Then later that night we had some makan makan with Leicester people who just got back from their umrah. Almost everyone was there, it was such a good crowd (although me and Nadd as usual chose the most isolated spot and ate the like nobody's business)

They were asking if I made a doa when I was at Jabal Rahmah (the place where Adam AS met Hawa after they were sent to Earth) when I went for my umrah three years back. And when I said yes, I did pray for the right man, or rather, to be exact, asked if Adam was the right one for me, they got all excited and went, "OMG SO YOU ACTUALLY MARRIED THE GUY YOU PRAYED FOR AT JABAL RAHMAH?"

Yes apparently I did. ALHAMDULILLAH :')

Went home, called Adam, and finally had his flight tickets to Leicester booked. I'm a happy wife :D

And earlier this morning, we had Leicester Malaysian Run, which was my first marathon in how so many years OMG, and managed to finish it yay!

Handsome bai.

And came home to a good lunch with all three housemates!

Nasi lemak with sotong celup tepung. SEDAP GILA I CAN'T EVEN BE BOTHERED BY MY DIET. TSK.

After the good lunch with housemates, called Kak Hana in India on Facetime, and it was finally four of us in 91 Grange Court again! All four housemates! I was actually so touched because I hardly Facetime-ed anyone other than the usual people (and that means Adam 95 times out of 100), so when I called her, it felt sooo... WAAHHHHH THIS IS LOVE. 

Again, a good hour of catching up! Oh how we miss her wuuu.

And last for today (though I'm wishing for more good things to come),
here's my new cousin!

Another baby cousin weehooo!

Btw here's a conversation between me and Adam about babies,

Me: Awak, nak baby.
Him: Takleh. Selagi awak ada perasaan nak sepak orang selagi tu la awak takleh ada baby.
Me: Alaaa.. Tapi baby tu kita punya, biar lah kita nak sepak sepak puuunn.
Him: Hey baby tu KITA punya okay, suka hati you je nak sepak anak I.

Gosh I hope my future kids won't read this. Mummy loves you okay.

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