Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Just the way you are.

Him: Awak, ada orang cakap awak cantik.
Her: Hm, okay.
Him: Mestila cantik kan tengok la wife sape alolo cantik sangat wife kita ni haaa.
Her: ..??..

Adam is one guy full of compliments - and he means it. A few times he stared at me a long time and suddenly said, "Awak ni cantik lah". Me? I'd usually take it with a smile or just brushed it off. 

After all he's my husband, he could be biased. Like how I thought he's the most handsome guy on Earth with his adorable mata sepet la kan. Hikhik.

(No I'm not biased, Adam sangat handsome okay)

OMG statement apakah?

But anywho, yes, he always calls me pretty, beautiful, and the likes. Sikit sikit, "Ala comel sangat isteri kita ni" etc etc. Kadang kadang rasa macam APAKAH jugak la.

Because to be honest there are times when I feel veeeery inferior with my look. Like when my skin decides to go on strike so I'll have breakouts here and there, or when suddenly my eye bags decide to go on a show and become very prominent.. Or when I thought the curls on my hair just wouldn't stay put.. Walhal memang forever kat situ kan? Bad hair day kemain. Over je lebih.

Or ultimately when I thought I'm fat that I can't wear certain types of clothes because they wouldn't look too flattering on me.. NO. I can be self concious.

One thing I thought while watching this video.. The artist could be biased. He knew that the aim of the whole activity was to prove how women think lowly of themselves. So he could be drawing the self-description bits a little too sloppily.

But somehow I still feel that my husband means it when he calls me pretty. And I do feel pretty, because I know I am loved.

You don't need to look pretty to impress strangers on the streets. Just love yourself, and remember there's always someone out there who thinks you're pretty, just the way you are.

Aceceh, Bruno Mars pulak dah.


kumin alfi said...

well said kak nabillah :))

thank you, you made my day ;)

farah shazana said...

bella mesti dah tengok parody this dove ad kan? kelakar gila kot.....

anyways, you are indeed pretty. xxx

Bella said...

Awww :D