Sunday, May 5, 2013

Of dissertation and life updates.

Tuesday 30th April
Done with my own version of disso. Thought I could take a deep breath and chill, so I decided to have some pre-submission celebration at Yo! Sushi. I just wanted to try their Mega Katsu Curry and Nadd has been craving for sushi since Easter break. So to Sushi we Yoooooo!

Wednesday 1st May
I was struggling to finalise my dissertation after Afif gave the last feedback on my dissertation at 11pm. Free 40 minutes lecture, just what I needed on the night before submission. Not too bad though, since it's always good to have second (or third, fourth) opinion. So there was, another sleepless night in wrapping things up. Mind you, I'm not the type of person who can easily stay up. I go to bed at about 10-ish every night, so staying up til 3am is reeeeally not my thing. Nevertheless I had something to keep me awake that night. 

The warning.

At 1am, all my devices was making some weird sounds. Even the iPod down in the most bottom drawer (I couldn't even remember when did I enable the WiFi!). Turned out it was the reminder for tomorrow's submission at 4pm. How nice. Just what I needed when I was cracking my head going around PubMed lookin for some nice research to make my disso look clever. Meehhh. 

Thursday 2nd May
I wasn't done with the disso at least until 10am. AND I REALLY NEEDED TO GO TO MED SCHOOL TO PRINT IT OUT BY 11AM OR THERE'D BE A MASSIVE QUEUE OF PEOPLE WANTING TO PRINT THEIR DISSO. Panic attack. Alhamdulillah. Got it done and printed. Only to find out there were spelling and punctuation errors I missed (mostly spacing stuff). So I had to amend it there, at school, and print it all over again. Total cost of two copies of disso, plus major re-printing for the minor spacing errors - almost £10, not bad ey.


Went to submit it at Student Support Office with Nadd. And submitted it online in Turnitin after much drama in deciding what to name our files. Lol. Oh well yes me and Nadd were in this whole disso journey thing all the way. And I am so thankful for that. Nadd was saying, "As much as we are destructive to each other, we know that we have each other's support too." Couldn't be any truer. Because we really could be destructive to each other. Lol.

Met Aisyah and Ajwad on our way out. Just had to take pictures with them. JUST HAD TO.

Because we were all in purple. Unintentionally. Hikhiks.

And went for a nice celebration. Oh well it's just some lunch lol. But boy it never felt this gooood.

Calzone and some Moroccan murtabak. Lunch date for two, yes please.

Earlier that night I was tweeting oh how I miss Tsara, and this was what I got the next day.

"Doakan adik ipar you." Lol she couldn't be any comel-er than this.

All the best for IB strong ones!

Friday 3rd May
Went for another post-submisison celebration. Actually me and Nadd have had sooooo many celebration that we lost track. The pre-bukak sekolah celeb, pre-submission celeb, post-submission celeb (and that was twice, I think?) Lol. Hedonisme sungguh.

So here's to another post-celebration celebration! This time with Abil.

Lamb chop sizzlers.

Talapia sizzlers (how kampung could it be?)

Saturday 4th May
A day of drama! Lol. The first time I ever did livetweet. Lol I still can't get over it. Probably will put in in another entry (or not cause I've said that waaaaay too many time and still haven't done it). Heh. But anyway.. 

Mommy got you boy!


Anonymous said...

Bella, i want to ask your opinion on Apple product.

what are the pros and cons of it bcos as a big fat fan of Apple, you'll sure knows best.

Bcos I'm torn which one to get myself in between an iPad or an android tab. Help mehhh wuwuwuwuwu.

Bella said...

Err err errr I'm pretty much an Apple user since forever so I might be biased :3

But when it comes to Apple,

Pros: Super fast. Nice display. User friendly. If you have other Apple stuff they sync beautifully so you dont have to do it yourself. Tip top warranty (my friend had her iPhone replaced with a new one on the same day wiwiwi)

Cons: SO EXPENSIVE LEEHHH. Have to pay for most apps, unless jailbreak. Cannot be customised (fancy fonts etc) unless, again, jailbreak.

Personally I'll go for iPad since all my other stuff are Apple, and my dad used to have one Motorola tab running on Android and noooo I don't like it. Maybe Samsung's better, I dont know.

Let me know which one you ended up buying wokkehh!