Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The sound of home.

Me, Nadd and Abil were screaming our lungs out in the kitchen playing some rock kapak songs while aimlessly going through our notes trying hard not to flip the kitchen table out of stress and annoyance of the endless exam revisions - when suddenly I made a dangerous decision to play this song on the iPad.

And ended up crying. 

People, messing about with your own emotions when the exam is just around the corner and you have no flights tickets whatsoever to look forward to is the next stupidest thing you can do other than making denial trip out of town (in which case, you have to be really smart to be that stupid). 

Scratch the cheap desperate attempts to get over the first love, this song (or rather, Bryan Adams) always reminds me of my Ayah and Ummi. It's their song. And pretty much everytime I listen to this song and (Everything I Do) I Do It for You - I'd pause and flinch.

Things smell like home - sambal belacan, asam pedas, you name it, that's pretty usual.

But this, 

is the sound of home.

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