Friday, June 21, 2013

The birthday Kindle.

I've probably broken my own personal record for the longest time I've been silent from the blog.


Now where do I begin with..

Alright, first there was the exam, then the moving out, then the hospital attachment, then the community placement, then the.. No I can't recall anymore.

I've aged so much in a month that my memory has deteriorated, I guess? Poor old lady. Sigh.

Anywhoo, last week on Thursday I had to make an emergency trip to Belfast. Yeah, emergency trip, Bella, yeah right.

Adam had his last paper on Wednesday (the day before) and was probably having the time of his life when he eventually came home to a.. Crying wife. Yes you heard me right. I was crying like mad on the phone, throwing tantrums out of homesickness, stress and everything you could ever imagine. I guess I've had too many things back to back with little or no break in between, and everything was bottling up til I decided that I've had enough. I just had to let go.

And boy I really did.

I ended up booking a flight ticket to Belfast first thing the next morning. And chose to hurt my bank account after hurting myself all these while. Pergh ayat drama habis. But yeah. Pukul 10pm nanges nanges, pukul 11pm beli tiket, pukul 8.30am the next day amek flight to Belfast. Perasaan macam airlines tu laki gua punya.

To be greeted by this.

Adam picked me up at the airport and surprised me with this in the car on the way back.

We haven't seen each other for more than a month.

Thus I cried. Again.

I was deeply touched.

No it's more than that. It's something words just can't describe.

So I won't try to.

And later, came the real deal.


I've been forever contemplating if I should buy an e-reader but often gave myself lame excuses like nothing beats the paper smell of new books etc. But finally I got this from my husband for my birthday!

Albeit a little late. Yes, I know. But nevermind, a Kindle is a Kindle.

Well, Adam did ask what I want for my birthday, fair enough. But I cannot help but think that this is actually his gift as well. Because after this, I'd probably make less fuss of him watching Korea and playing online games, since I'll be tucked in my Kindle anyway.

Hurm.. Smells like a conspiracy there.

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Isyqie said...

Happy belated birthday! :D.