Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What happened to we could have had it all?

I feel.. Terasa. Mainly because I've been ignoring some people in my life. Including her. Yet she replied to me,

"You are just being you, Bella."

Which even made me more.. Speechless.

I forgot when was the last time someone said that to me, that I need not worry on what I'm doing, that I'm just being myself.

I forgot.

There are times that something just hit me hard, some words, random Facebook posts (some of them aren't random at all I know you are directing it to me message delivered thank you), some Whatsapp texts, they just made me ponder. Have I lost myself all these while? In this pursuit of happiness and life, have I really forgotten who I am? Who I was? Who THEY are?

Just when I though I'm losing trust in people..

Have THEY lost trust in me?

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