Thursday, February 2, 2012

Food for soul; Hafalan Shalat Delisa.

Intro: Lagu bisa bikin homesick

I don't usually watch Malay movies, let alone Indonesian. But when a friend posted a YouTube link to the full movie, for no reasons I clicked it and the next minute I found myself watching the movie while having a late lunch.

Hafalan Shalat Delisa tells us to be strong despite what happened. Delisa is a young girl who survived the tsunami that hit Acheh on December 26, 2004, the catastrophy of tsunami that first shook the whole world. I still remember watching the live coverage of the news, I was 14 back then. And I kept on wondering how the survived ones would continue to survive, having lost almost everything Allah lent them. But then, as usual, I forgot. I forgot how Allah could simply take anything from us in split seconds, when everything could be washed away in a single swipe.

Until I watched this movie.

Not just how Delisa survived, her family (especially her mother, Ummi Salamah) way of life also touched me. The way they wait for everyone to perform solat jamaah, the way the mother advised her daughters on the values in Islam, everything. A simple yet contented life. Lepas tu terfikir macam mana lah nak jaga anak nanti heheh. Immediately my thoughts flew back home to my family. 

Anyways, the movie is beautiful, just beautiful.

Delisa survived the wave in a very subtle way. She was doing her solat practical at school, and the ustaz told her to focus, to be khusyuk, and ignore everything else. So when she was doing it (performing the solat and prayers), she really put her heart into it. That's when the tsunami wave hit and washed away the village and she was very khusyuk she didn't realize what was going on around her. And that's how the movie got its title.

Following the tragedy, her leg had to be amputated. Her disability, her innocence, her patience, somehow got into me. She's so young, how is she going to face the world?

That is when I ponder, how do I wish to end up if a tragedy like that strikes. To survive, and continue living without my loved ones, I guess I'd rather be with the rest. But surviving means second chance. And who wouldn't want a second chance?

But do I really want to wait for the second chance while I still have my first try, my first chance not taken away? Kenapa nak tunggu terhantuk baru nak tengadah? Peribahasa pun boleeehh. Entahlah.

I couldn't help but shed buckets of tears while watching this movie. The message is so subtle. Reflecting my own self, the people I love most, the life I'm living, if someday something happens (Nauzubillah), will I be prepared for it?


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